Coffee with Cosmopolitan Cornbread

Hello everyone. I wanted to share with you an interview we did a while back, with Constance Smith, also known as Cosmopolitan Cornbread – Blogger and YouTuber extraordinaire. She and I became friends several years ago when she first moved here from Alaska. Coffee with Cosmopolitan Cornbread.

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ReMarkables #5

ReMarkables #5 – I did a little re-decorating on the blog and cleaned it up a little. Now that it is updated, I think it’s also time for a fresh blog post. Yes, it’s been a while.

The easiest way to catch everyone is up is with one of my ReMarkable posts. But after this, I am hoping to get back to posting regular blog posts. There is SO MUCH TO WRITE ABOUT THESE DAYS.

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On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, for me, is much more about seeing my adult children being happy and successful than it is about what they may or may not get me on this special day. I’d MUCH rather see them taking care of themselves, being happy, successful (their definition of successful), and living their best life and striving for better.

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