Update, Finally

I can’t believe it has been a month since I posted something last. I am so ashamed. But here I am now. I wanted to update everyone about the books I’ve been reading from my 2011 Reading List, remember?

I have finished two books on the list – Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory and Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I am now on Bitter in the Mouth by Monique Truong.

Later, I want to write a book review for each, as separate posts like I did for the book Breaking Night by Liz Murray. I don’t know how much of a book review it will be, probably more like a synopsis! I need to find more time to keep up with this blog.

A couple of my friends have formed a book club too, we call it Soul Sisters Book Club. We have a private Facebook group for the out-of-towners who want to participate too. We’ve had two meetings thus far and only three of us have shown up but that’s OK, we had a blast! We are thinking of including a conference call for the people who live out of town that can’t make it to the face-to-face discussion.

Our next book selection for March hasn’t been chosen yet but it will probably be something that is not on my 2011 Reading List so I will be reading TWO books at once if I don’t get Bitter In The Mouth done by the end of February, which I should, it’s not a long book.

I have really enjoyed reading my books. It has been keeping me sane lately. I love the escapism of a good novel.

Also, I have done some writing stuff too and I’m wondering if I am even cut out for this writing thing. The first project that I actually saw to completion was not much fun after all. But I was proud of myself for sticking it out and actually WORKING it, and seeing it to completion. That in and of itself was a great feeling. Yes, I got rejected but so what, it was my VERY FIRST SUBMISSION. I was expecting it. Again, I was just happy with FINISHING something I started. Ya know?

But what I have realized in finishing that particular project is that I don’t much like the WORKING part of writing; the editing and re-writes. Yuck. I have learned I just like to write crap down and then walk away, like journaling or blogging. Well, now that it has passed and over with and there has been some time between the finished project and now, I guess I can look back and say it wasn’t THAT bad.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be back with the book reviews soon.