Missed Four

Ok, so I’ve missed four days now since June 12 in my blogging challenge. I don’t care though, I’ve been having too much fun the last couple of days. I will have to blog about it next week sometime.

Here is a little hint of what we’ve been doing:

Those crazy kids.

I can’t wait until I am able to share some more with you.

I Am Thankful, Too

So a friend of mine is doing a gratitude/thankful post per day. I love this idea. You can go catch up on all the things she’s grateful for at her blog located on Seeking Him In A Crazy World. It is a refreshing blog to read.

What does that say about today’s world, where it is refreshing to read someone with a positive and uplifting message on the blogosphere?

iPhone Cozy

At any rate, Rebecca (the writer at Seeking Him In A Crazy World) has inspired me to think about my life. I would occasionally make gratitude lists of my own but I haven’t done it in quite some time. I would make one big list about out of the ordinary things I would be grateful for that day, such as indoor plumbing, hot coffee, cold clean sheets, or something as simple as finding a pen at the right moment so I could write down my “brilliant idea” before I forgot.

Not only has Rebecca inspired me to start focusing on, and thinking about, my life and how grateful I should be, but she also created my new iPhone cozy. In one day. On the spur of the moment. I had posted to a couple of local shops via Facebook to ask them if they carried phone cozies when Rebecca private messaged me and said she “knew where I could find one.” I knew what she was talking about because I was privy to her sewing skillz. But I told her I was looking for something already made because I am, after all, an instant gratification kind of girl, and I wanted something immediately. She said she was up for the task and I would have it the same day. What?! Seriously?!

Yes. Seriously.

So today I am grateful for the Internet and instant connection with others. I am grateful for Rebecca Buckner; her schedule, her talent, and her patience with me. I am grateful for my new iPhone cozy too.

Thank you!

Christmas in New York

I would love to spend Christmas in New York. Maybe one day I will get to live this dream. Actually, I’ve love to spend Thanksgiving in New York too. Oh OK, I’d just like to move there and live! But that will never happen. I will settle for just visiting over and over and over again. I would like to start with Christmastime.

There is a Christmas In New York website. They list a calendar of events, restaurants, photos of 2010 Christmas, all the shop window displays, and more.

I mean come on, look at that scene, who couldn’t like that vision? It would be an act of American blasphemy and Un-American not to like it or feel a little moved when seeing the Rockefeller Christmas tree in New York.

So yes, I want to go there during Christmastime some day. It’s on my bucket list.


For lack of a topic this evening, I’ll just let you know about my day.

This morning I spent time with my regular bunch of Saturday morning girlfriends. I think I missed the past two Saturdays so it was good to be able to be there today. It was much needed.

Later, I had lunch with my “sister.” Her name is Bonnie and she is totally awesome. We went to P.F. Chang’s where Bonnie introduced me to lettuce wraps. Yum!

After P.F. Chang’s we meandered up to Victoria’s Secret and purchased some unmentionables. Thank you Bonnie. Once the undergarments were purchased it was off to another store I had never set foot in before, Cato’s. Um, wow! I now have a new store in which to shop. LOVE Cato’s. How come I never knew of its existence before? I found a cute dress and a pair of the hippest shoes.

Thanks again, Bonnie, for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend some time with me today. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to do it again. We need not wait so long in between our visits next time.

Came home and fiddled around with stuff. Made dinner. And now here I sit. But I am getting ready to start writing. I have some articles that are coming due. Need to get busy.