Power Shopping

I do not participate in Black Friday shopping. I believe you really don’t get any big bargains on that day and it is just plain crazy to get out with the mobs trying to fight for some ridiculous item that I don’t need and no one else wants either.

However, I participate in power shopping, sort of. The first full weekend after Thanksgiving the women in my family converge in one place for visiting, eating, and Christmas shopping. This is a tradition that my aunts started several years ago. I’ve gone a few times and I do enjoy it. I enjoy the visiting and eating party anyway. I don’t shop a lot but I go with them. We get all dressed up in matching Christmas themed sweatshirts, don our fanny packs, load up in one big gigantic van, and head to the stores about town; after we eat of course. I emphasize the eating because that is my favorite part.

A side note about the fanny packs, I do not don a fanny pack. Thank you. And this year I probably won’t be wearing the matching sweatshirt either.

I travel to Ohio to participate in this weekend of giggles, entertainment, and overeating. This year, my 16-year old daughter will join me for the first time. She’s old enough now. The newbies have to carry everyone else’s shopping bags though. That is their initiation into the Easter Shopping Trip. I say Easter because that is my maiden name and the last name of my family from whence I come. So we have an “Easter-Christmas” shopping trip.

There has been drama of course on our trips and one aunt has refused to return (along with her daughter) but that’s okay. They are missing out. My family knows how to hold a grudge, that’s for sure.

Another aunt lives down here in Alabama so we will be traveling together to head to Ohio soon. She and I and our daughters. I’m looking forward to the trip, to get out of town and visit with some women in my family. Girl time. Giggle time. And eating.

There is an essay somewhere in these shopping trips. 😉