Closing January 2012

Month one in 2012 is just about to come to a close. I thought this might be a good time to reflect and evaluate how I am doing, so far, on things I wanted to change this year. You know do a quick spot check on any resolutions I had set for myself.

I’ve always been a late bloomer in all sorts of areas. So setting goals and resolutions in January is no different. I took a while in January to figure out what it is I wanted to really get done this year. I should have done this in December I suppose but oh well. I didn’t actually write down my goals until last week, when we were well into the first month of the New Year.

Last month, to wrap up 2011, I wrote this blog post to Dear 2012. In it I wrote about what kind of person I wanted to strive to become. I want to become a more agreeable person with a positive attitude who is satisfied with the current state-of-affairs of her life. That is a big chunk of cake isn’t it? For me, that is a lot of effort. Sad, yes, I know.

So how am I doing? It is time for a little self-assessment here, a spot check so to speak.

Am I agreeable and satisfied? Yes, I am satisfied with where I am in life today. Do I want to aspire for more? Yes, of course, but it is more of a realistic nature these days (I wrote them down). Am I agreeable? Well, you’d have to ask The Gent and other people that know me face-to-face for the answer to that one. But inside my head, do I think I am being more agreeable? Yes. I truly believe it.

Have I tamed my complaining and bellyaching? On the social media sites, yes. I have had some slips but they were more civilized than they had been in the past. Or not as long and drawn out. Or not as dark and depressing. Or bitter. In real life? I’ve let myself slip from time to time but I would catch myself, become aware of what I was doing/saying, and I was able to reel it in. This area still needs vast improvement but it’s only January.

Have I shown gratitude? Yes. Gratitude is an action not a feeling or emotion. I still get up every day, shower, go to work, clean the house, support my family, and I try to help others. Can I do more to show my gratitude? Probably. This needs more pondering on my part; what else can I do to demonstrate my gratitude?

Have I written down everything, read more books, and listened? Wow. I am writing more. I have read 4 books in January (but I am slipping already). Have I listened? Hmmmm. I don’t know the answer to this question.

Have I reacted? LOL!!! I don’t know if I will ever be able to overcome this one. I try. I try so hard. I think perhaps I have gotten better but I want to become perfect at this one. But as they say, “Progress not perfection.” Ugh.

The shopping rule of waiting 3 days? Um, yeah, I’ll pass over this question. I still have 11 months left in the year to get a handle on this one. Thank you. What was I just saying about progress not perfection? 😉

So yeah, I think this was all that needed addressing from that previous post, so far. As I stated earlier, I have finally written down my goals, dreams, and aspirations for 2012. I even made vision boards to help me stay on course. Is it working? I think so. I am more aware. I have a reasonable plan too.

Mapping a plan and visualizing it is helpful to me. I need to plan and schedule, stick to a routine. Be diligent. Persevere. Maintain.

I bought a simple Office Depot brand 2012 calendar notebook that helps me stay on course. I even created a writing schedule. So far I’ve done well with it. I’ve managed to at least go back to my desk during the scheduled time to write and sit down at the laptop (instead of watching TV on the couch). I may not have written anything worthwhile yet but I am going through the motions, getting acclimated. Yeah, that’s it. The photo in this blog post is of my new calendar – color coated and all. Yeah, I’m a dork like that but I learned this trick when I was a Mary Kay consultant and I found this to be one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever taken a suggestion on. It works. This is a shot of February. I don’t have it finished yet but I do have my writing time carved out first and foremost. That and the weekend my son will be home. 🙂

As stated earlier, I took some time to think about what I wanted to accomplish in 2012 and I wrote them down. I’ll share some of them with you:

  • Write personal essay/fiction/creative nonfiction and actually submit them
  • Attend a blogging conference
  • Be able to take family on vacation
  • Travel
  • Lose 20 lbs, be fit, do the Warrior Dash

These are just SOME of my goals I wrote down and was willing to share with the Internet.

My vision boards: Health, Career, Family, and Motivation

Okay, your turn, how are your New Year goals and resolutions coming along? Have you fallen behind? Well, just get right back up and start again!

Here is to a great February ya’ll.

Fern Brazda, Rodan + Fields Consultant

Here is my interview (in full) with Fern Brazda, one of the leading sales consultants with Rodan + Fields in the Huntsville area.

When did you start in your business?
December 24, 2009 as a holiday present to myself! My own business!

What made you decide to start your business? History?
I taught special education for over 20 years. A year after my child was born we moved from Northern Virginia to Germany. I was able to be a stay at home mother full-time…but I wanted more!

For 3 years I looked into many different home-based businesses, but could not find the right fit for me. I have always loved skincare products and I even admit I was a bit of a skincare junkie trying every new product that claimed to do miracles for your skin.

We moved to Huntsville in 2008 and I decided I did not want to go back to teaching. In the Fall of 2009 I looked at 2 of my friend’s skin and wanted to know what they were using since their skin was flawless. I found out they were consultants for Rodan+Fields a new company by the same creators of Proactiv. I had just purchased 2 products that cost $250 and thought if these products do not give me results I would try Rodan +Fields. After several months on my new products I saw no results, but my friends skin look radiant.

December 2009 I went to a business opportunity meeting. I decided then to become an independent consultant because of the fantastic real results the products gave people, ground floor business opportunity, partner with 2 of the most trusted names in skincare, debt free company, and to be one of the first consultants in Huntsville! I have never regretted this decision. I cannot believe the difference in my skin and the added income it has brought my family!

Tell me what you do.
I partner with Dr.Katie Rodan and Dr.Kathy Fields and share their mission to change people’s skin and change their lives! Changing skin and lives by giving the gift of healthy younger radiant skin and by giving people the opportunity to become entrepreneurs and work for themselves but not by themselves.

What is your dream client? Who would you like to work with?
My dream client is someone who I can make a difference in their skin and they tell all their friends and their friends tell their friends…. I would love to have someone like Gail King or Kathy Lee because they always shout out to the world about products they purchased and who they purchased it from! My business is based on word of mouth.

Who is your dream client? Who would you like to work with?
Someone like me but who does a better job…a rock star consultant who lights up a room when he/she walks in the door. A person with integrity, passion, and truly loves what they are doing in helping people change their skin and change their lives. I have a passion and a fire in me to make my business explode…I would like someone who wants the same but more!

What is one of your recent accomplishments?
Since January 2010, I have made the top volume leader list in sales for one of the fastest growing teams in Rodan + Fields!

How do you network? Build business? How do you network?
I network through networking events, The Huntsville BNI, Chamber of Commerce, Huntsville Grapevine, Friends, Family, Facebook, R+F Events, develop relationships with people I met socially or in my neighborhood, LinkedIn , Temple Bnai Sholom , volunteering at school and sports programs , if a person has skin…I network with them ☺

What is your key to success?
Patience, Passion, Perseverance, Determination, and Dreams!

Can you share a tip with the readers?
As for skincare, the one product everyone should use daily is sunscreen. UVA rays…aging rays are always around us…even on cloudy days, cold sunny days in winter, and hot sunny summer days. Reapply sunscreen every 60-90 minutes when you are outside. Protect your skin! UVA rays are aging rays! These are the rays that give us wrinkles and age our skin.

As for my business, since I am passionate about the quality of RF products and business my enthusiasm and energy attracts others to listens and purchase products or get involved by joining my team! I love making people feel good about themselves

How do you keep current in your area of expertise? Continuing education?
I am continuing my education by weekly live training webinars, calls, and attending classes, seminars, leadership conferences and conventions through Corporate Rodan + Fields or my direct business partners sponsor, reading books about the industry, and industry magazines.

What is your most rewarding moment?
My most rewarding moment is continuous, when I get calls from people telling me they love the results they get from the Rodan+Fields Products! One customer cried to me and thanked me for helping her skin become radiant again. Her malasma is now gone! She said her boss even noticed!

Community Involvement?
I am presently class mom for my daughter’s class, 2011 U8 Eastern League assistant cheerleading coach,2009-2011 Past VP for Fund Raising Sisterhood, Temple Bnai Sholom, Alpha Xi Delta Sorority Alumni member, and I will be volunteering this year at Huntsville Hospital.

Is there anything special you have coming up that you’d like to share with everyone? Events, promotions?
I will be attending Rodan+Fields 1st leadership conference this March in Nashville . It is so exciting to be part of a young company during their explosive years. I am looking for new team members to join me in this exciting endeavor!

My promotion is New Year, New Skin, and New Complexion! Every new Preferred Customer will receive one of my favorite full size products when they let me know they heard it on this blog, all new team members who build it big will receive a free regimen of their choice from me! Two great promotions until February 28th. for products and for the business.

In your own words….
I show people how to utilize a simple business system to acquire residual income while maintaining healthy skin with pharmaceutical grade products. I help men, women, and children have better self-confidence because their skin has a healthy radiant glow.

This concludes our interview.

Thank you Fern for taking the time to share your passion and time.

Victoria Pennington Ribbon Cutting

Hey, if you’d like to get in on the fashion scene then I might suggest you attend the hottest ribbon cutting you will ever attend in Huntsville, Alabama. January 28 at 4PM, see details below in the official press release.

Victoria Pennington Model & Talent Management (and also the agency working exclusively with Fashion Week Alabama – Huntsville) is having its ribbon cutting this Saturday at 4PM. But this isn’t your regular ole run of the mill meet and greet, shake hands, and pass out business cards sort of ribbon cutting. Oh no. Are you kidding me? Victoria Pennington do anything regular and normal? And trust me, this is a good thing. You are in for a treat my friends!

Cocktails, fashion & accessory trunk shows, and a grand finale fashion show that will feature collections from local designers Josie Wachi and LeJeune House of Fashion will be some of the festivities at this grand opening and ribbon cutting.

So yeah, you do NOT want to miss THIS ribbon cutting.

Below is the full press release for the ribbon cutting. Yes, she has a press release, can you imagine? I am so excited to attend this ribbon cutting. It’ll be like I am in New York!

Victoria Pennington Model & Talent Management
Lincoln Mills Office Campus
1300 Meridian Street, A13
Huntsville, AL 35801


Huntsville, Alabama – Victoria Pennington Model & Talent Management (VPMTM), located at 1300 Meridian Street, Suite A13 (Lincoln Mills Office Campus), will be holding a Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting on Saturday, January 28 at 4pm. Following the Ribbon Cutting, guests will enjoy cocktails, and preview and shop from local fashion & accessory designer trunk shows. There will be a fashion show at 5pm featuring collections from Huntsville designers Josie Wachi and LeJeune House of Fashion. Fashion models, of course, provided by VPMTM. Hair and makeup provided by Gray Premier Salon.

About VPMTM:
VPMTM is a modeling agency that provides coaching and other talent management services, and has been named Fashion Week Alabama’s runway fashion model hub for 2012. For more information call 256-777-2495 or visit

You know I’m gonna be there taking photos to blog about this later. See you there!