Vacations, Carnival Style

Rocket City Bloggers is a group of people in and around north Alabama that get together once a month to discuss topics related to blogging. Of course, sometimes we only get together to socialize. It’s great belonging to this group of people and I always enjoy their company.

Our group also puts on the Rocket City Bloggers Carnival, a roundup so to speak of a themed-topic links that rotates hosts and hostesses once a month. This month, obviously, it is my turn to host the Rocket City Bloggers Carnival and we are doing vacations.

So come with me and enjoy our Carnival of Vacations:

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Linguini Alla Cecca

Since Nora Ephron’s death I’ve been reading a lot of her work. I started with her novel, “Heartburn,” which was turned into a movie. In the novel, she gives several recipes because the main character in the novel is a cook; does cooking shows and writes cookbooks.

One of the recipes was for Linguini Alla Cecca. The ingredients were simple and it sounded delicious so of course I had to give it a try.

Just a day before I tried the recipe, a co-worker brought in some fresh home-grown giant tomatoes. Perfect! It was exactly what I needed for the recipe. The directions called for me to boil water and place the tomatoes (whole) in the boiling water for one minute. Look, I am so-not a cook so I was thinking, “What the heck is that supposed to do?” I found out when I took them out precisely after of one minute of boiling. The recipe called for me to peel the skin off the tomatoes and boiling them in water for one minute did the trick. The skin came right off. I was totally amazed. Seriously, I couldn’t get over it. Apparently I am also easily amused.

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