Columbus, Mississippi

I just got back from a trip to Columbus, Mississippi where I was invited to attend to cover the Tennessee Williams Tribute. I am to write about it for Deep South Magazine. I have specific things I want to write about and submit to DSM and the rest I will hopefully be able to post here and at my other blog.

Let me tell you something, though, right here, right now… I thought I knew about the south, but then I visited Columbus, Mississippi. I think I have a new home away from home. It’s only about 3.5 hours from Huntsville and I do plan on going back. I met so many great people who treated me like one of their own. It is said that Columbus is known as the “friendliest city” and I can testify that it is true. Continue reading “Columbus, Mississippi”

How To Be A Woman, Chapter 1 Review

Well, let me tell you, Caitlin Moran wastes no time by diving right into puberty; girl puberty and menstrual cycles and masturbation and pornography – all in one chapter.

She finds out about all the puberty things just like any other girl, accidentally and not from her mother. That is, until she asks and then her mother seems to fairly frank with her.  Most of the chatter takes place between Caitlin and her younger sister Caz.

Now that she is 13, she can apparently get adult books from the library now and the sex hormones kick in. Lordy!

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