Not Half Bad

So I went back and read over my 20K words I wrote on my novel. I wrote those 20K words back in January of this year. I was surprised to find that what I read wasn’t half bad.

Yes, those 20K words need work but it isn’t anything unmanageable. I can do this! And I have found where I need to write a little more detail to stretch some things out to give the reader more awareness of my characters and plot. This is good. I wasn’t appalled by my writing.

I need a little more introduction of the main character and her background. I need more conflict with the main character and her beau. I am going to rewrite the beginning, starting it off with a different point of view, from a different character – a character who is also a part of the big picture.

I am going to pick it back up and finish it. I’m excited! I am glad I stopped, put it down and walked away for a little while. Coming back to it after a few months of not writing on it has given me perspective and an objective eye. And really, I’m just relieved that it wasn’t hideous!

This or That?


I am in one of those valleys again. It’s not a bad place at all. It is one of those times when I am tired of blogging, want to take a break from it and start back on my other writing career. I want to start back on my novel, or write essays to submit, or some other form of writing.

Mainly, I want to start back on my novel again. That is, until I start berating myself with, “You’re not writer, who do you think you are trying to write a novel?” And in past experiences, the berating won’t take long to come to fruition.

But I have a problem with the whole novel thing. I have two different story ideas in mind and I don’t know which one I want to work on. I have already invested a lot of time and effort into one of them. The other just kind of sprang up while I was working on the other. The current one I am working on is sort of deep and invests a lot of my emotion, whereas the other one is more froo-froo and fun.

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Huntsville Songwriters Round at Emma’s Tea Room

I’m about to share with you one of Huntsville’s best kept secrets. It’s the Huntsville Songwriters Round hosted nearly every Friday at Emma’s Tea Room located at 401 Pratt Avenue. Rebekah Klein, the owner of Emma’s Tea Room, started hosting the Nashville style format of Songwriter Rounds in December of 2012. A round consists of three artists performing a few of their songs mixed with a little bit of storytelling.

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Travel Apps

Imported from my old blog Girl Gadabout, which is now extinct.

A few summers ago I had the privilege of collaborating with a team in creating the Southern Literary Trail app with the folks at Deep South Magazine. It was a fun project and I learned so much by helping out and offering my research and writing. It’s a great little app and you can find my review of it HERE. It’s useful for a travel app as well.

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