A Favorite Quote

The Rocket City Bloggers are hosting a Year Long Blogging Challenge. I am a member of the Rocket City Bloggers so I like to participate when I can or when it fits the blog theme.

This week’s theme certainly fits this blog. We are to share our favorite quote. I definitely have a favorite quote but it isn’t from some old ancient writer from literature such as Walt Whitman or Mark Twain or even Jane Austin. No, this quote is from a friend of mine. She and I have never met in person, we only communicate via email and on Facebook. But she is a writer too, like me, struggling with our writing habits. Continue reading “A Favorite Quote”

Building Blocks to Your Writing Success by Kathryn C. Lang

Kathryn C. Lang is a writer. She’s also a friend of mine whom I met via the Rocket City Bloggers group of which I am a member. I am not sure exactly how we became aware of each other, except in the Rocket City Bloggers group. My guess is that she was seeking out ways to help promote her writing career and blogging is a great way to do just that, for any entrepreneur. Continue reading “Building Blocks to Your Writing Success by Kathryn C. Lang”

See Jane Write Magazine

I’ve been a member, supporter, and cheerleader for See Jane Write Birmingham for a while now. It was great news to hear that Javacia Bowser, the force behind See Jane Write Birmingham, was launching an official magazine online. It debuted today. I am so excited for her and her team. They’ve worked so hard to put together this resource for women writers, journalists, and bloggers. I know it will be a huge success. Javacia has created and built a community of fabulous women, and I am grateful. Continue reading “See Jane Write Magazine”