So, This Has Been Happening

Thought I come in and give you all the lowdown on what’s been going on lately. A hodgepodge sort of post you might say – fully loaded with images too.

My life has been full. Recently, I stepped up to become co-editor and curator for the Alabama Women Bloggers site – alongside Constance Smith of The Foodie Army Wife. This is going to be great and fun. I look forward to cultivating connections, relationships, and growing a community.

On my other blog, I’ve started a year-long (weekends only) blogging baking challenge. I’ve been busy with that and it’s been great fun so far.

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Trying To Explain This Blog

If for some odd reason you landed on this blog in the last week, you’ll see that I am trying to write about current affairs and my opinions about faith, politics, and whatever else that grabs my attention. This wasn’t always the case.

You’ll see in the “back issues” section that this blog goes back to 2010, October 2010 to be more specific. Which also means I have a 3-year blog birthday coming up. Yay me! So anyway, if you are so inclined to go rummaging around in the archives, you’ll see that this blog has undergone a few transformations.

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Group Conversations

Have you ever watched Hannity when he as Frank Luntz on and they do those focus groups on-air? It drives me insane. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hannity, he’s okay – I can take him or leave him. And Frank Luntz seems to be a good guy; he’s just doing his job. But when they have those focus groups on the show and everyone is talking at once, only able to give small snippets at a time, it makes me all jittery and anxious. My heart rate actually goes up but not because of any of the subject matter. It’s because it’s like a workout to follow all the conversations and people talking over each other.

It also doesn’t give me information about each individual. All I see is a group of people on television throwing out pieces of information. So I guess, since it is on television and I have never met any of these people face-to-face and probably never will, it really shouldn’t matter.

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