PicLab – Photo Editor

This week I’d like to share with you a photo editor that I use to type words on my images. It’s called PicLab. I think I first found this app via Grasping for Objectivity’s blog. While she didn’t blog about this particular app, I do credit her for motivating me to look up photo editing apps on my own.

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Men and Crying

I saw the following Tweet run through my feed last week and I had to stop and balk at this one.


I understand all the touchy/feely crap out there nowadays and modern men coming out of the woodwork, be it metrosexual male or whatever.

But you know what? I don’t want any man of mine crying. Now, personally, I don’t have to worry about this because I am married to The Gent and I have yet to see the man shed one single tear since we’ve known each other – ten to fifteen years now (we’ve only been married five). And honestly? I don’t want to see him cry either.

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A Great Find – One Plaid Bag

thoughtbubbleBWaThis weekend I was out of town. I also had some time to kill while waiting for my son to take his ACT so I went to the historical downtown of the little place called Dadeville. I stopped at the first antique shop I found.

I was really looking for something for The Gent for our upcoming anniversary. And I did find something for him but I can’t blog about it just yet – it’s supposed to be a surprise. It’s not yet our anniversary.

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Bullying Will Be The New Racism


Every week, on Monday, I hope to have a Question of the Week. I’d like for everyone to participate in either 1.) commenting and/or 2.) answering the question on their own blog or Facebook page and linking back to me.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the angry parent who filed a bullying complaint on one Texas football team because they beat the snot out of them at 91 to 0 (zero). Was it ridiculous that the football team ran up the score like that? Probably. But was it bullying? I don’t think so.

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