Dear Love Bunnies – Here’s The Deal

Hold on, wait a minute, let me grab a large cup of coffee because this may take a while….

Let me start by saying that nothing is wrong. There has been no tragic upheaval or anything like that for me, thank GOD! I’ve just been busy, with real life stuff. It’s kind of cool actually.

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Happy Birthday to Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp! Oh, and I won an award.

Friday night, Joe and Jessica Martin put out a spread for all the Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp for Women to enjoy. It was their 5-year business anniversary and a party was to be had. Food was served, dancing took place, and awards were given out.

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Feeling Way More Than I Should This Morning

I recently saw a thread of a discussion online where a couple of people (me being one of them) wished a certain something about a business in Madison County. Now, this wish was totally unrealistic at the moment but nonetheless it was a concern and probably the reason these particular handful of people have not yet frequented the establishment.

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Confession of a Mary Kay Junkie

Okay, so look, I am a Mary Kay user. I love Mary Kay. I love it so much that I used to be a consultant. I wish I had stuck it out too because it was so much fun being a consultant and being around positive and encouraging women. But look at me already digressing….

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