IFB Links a la Mode Jan 29


Busy Bloggers

January is such a serious month. Back to business. Start new things. Conquer the world. You know, regular stuff. This week we have an excellent roundup of tips on how to improve your blog, and look your best while you’re at it. So when you finally become the ruler of the known blogiverse… remember we knew you when!

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What Do You Blog About?

When I introduce myself as a blogger, I get this question a lot – “What do you blog about?” And I always find myself searching for some sort of explanation. It’s hard to describe. I’m “just a blogger” is what I normally say. I feel weird replying with, “I’m a lifestyle blogger.” Because I don’t feel like I am a lifestyle blogger.

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A Rocket City Bloggers Workshop

The Rocket City Bloggers put on a workshop entitled Monetizing Your Blog. We had a good turnout, we probably had about 18 – 20 in attendance. Constance Smith was the instructor, she lead an informative lecture on the different ways you can make money via your blog. Or at least how to get started.

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