February Goal Every Day Periscope

So, I made goals for January. And you know what? I did not make a single one of them, I did not reach or finish my goals. Big fat failure!

But is that stopping me from creating February goals? Oh heck no. In fact, I am so excited about my first one, I am going to share it with you now.

I want to Periscope every single day in the month of February. Now, it may only be a minute or two each day but I want to develop a habit of at least thinking about Periscoping. I definitely want to be more active on Periscope.

Won’t you follow along? You can find me @MoxieBeautiful on Periscope. What will I ‘Scope about on a daily basis? I have no earthly idea.

Some ideas of what I could ‘Scope:

  • Drive into work
  • Behind the scenes at work
  • Early morning workout
  • The pets
  • General pontification
  • Just hanging around the house, doing chores and decluttering

What about you? What would you like to see me Periscope?

Ciao mio Amore,

Moxie Shorts #16

I had a momentary lapse in the Moxie Shorts segment. So without any further explanation, here is this week’s Moxie Shorts, resumed.

Moxie Shorts #16

  • Nashville trip for pleasure.
  • Atlanta trip for business.
  • Haircut coming up, just a trim because I’m still trying to grow it long.
  • Took a shopping trip to Leeds, Alabama to the Shoppes of Grand River.
  • Had a Bobbi Brown makeup lesson, all official and everything.
  • Christmas and New Year came and went since my last Moxie Shorts segment.
  • My sister and nieces came to visit, from Ohio.
  • I cannot believe that January is nearly over already. My February is looking dismal compared to January.
  • Thought about changing the focus of my blog, for a minute. I have tweaked it, a little. I hope you will be able to notice, not just graphically but content-wise as well.
  • You do not know how happy I am that Denver beat the Patriots. I cannot stand the Patriots. I don’t care who wins the SuperBowl, not really. I won’t be upset whoever wins but I guess I’ll pull more for Denver because of Peyton.
  • I’ve been being lazy with my workouts, not attending Iron Tribe as much. But I am working on getting better about my attendance.

That’s it I guess. Thanks for reading.

Ciao mio Amore,

Bobbi Brown Makeup Lesson

Recently I made an appointment at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter at Belk Bridge Street. Kathy was my makeup artist. I told her I wanted a natural everyday look. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time getting ready.

Some of the takeaways I learned:

  • You do not have to set your makeup with powder.
  • You can wear two different types/textures of foundation.
  • Under eye corrector and concealers are two different products.
  • You want to pick a bronzer in the shade closest to your neck color to pull up that natural color to your face.
  • And you definitely want to wear bronzer – it also helps contour your features.

What I really wanted to learn was how to master the gel eyeliner and how to apply it with a brush.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Lesson
Photo by cosmopolitancornbread.com Constance Smith

First off, Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner is FABULOUS! I have tried drugstore gel liners and they are all okay but Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner goes on incredibly smooth! It doesn’t clump up or get stiff and it doesn’t goop up your brush.

I purchased the Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner (among other products) and I’ve used it the last few days. It is so easy to put on with their brush. I can put it on and it looks great; like a professional did it. I thought for sure I would have it looking like a 4-year old child put it on, with all the jagged lines and have it all over my eyelid! Ha! But it is super easy and I felt confident just after my first try.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Lesson
Photo by cosmopolitancornbread.com Constance Smith


What I purchased:

  • Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in Violet (Ink Gel)
  • Foundation Stick
  • Undereye corrector
  • Eye Opening Mascara

Other products I want to go back and buy:

  • Blush in Coral Sugar and Pink Quartz
  • Concealer
  • Soothing Cleansing Oil
  • Hydrating Face Tonic
  • Extra Eye Repair Cream
  • Repair Moisturizing Balm
  • Eyeshadow in the color Espresso
  • Creamy lip
  • Lip Gloss

circle carolHere I am wearing my new Bobbi Brown products.

Thank you to Kathy, the makeup artist who taught the lesson. We Periscoped the beginning of the lesson and she was so professional explaining everything she was doing.

And thank you to Constance Smith of CosmopolitanCornbread.com for showing up to take photos and videos.

Next, I want to host a Bobbi Brown Master Class for some of the lifestyle bloggers here in the Rocket City. It simply means we would book an appointment, show up and have fun playing and learning makeup and skincare lessons. I think it would be so much fun!

Ciao mio Amore,

Bobbi Brown Makeup Lesson

The Year of 50

{a running blog post for the year of 2016 because I turn 50-years old in December}

Just like the Super Bowl and Southern Living, I am also turning 50-years old. This is my year of 50. Later in the year, December, I will hit the big one, the BIG 5-0.

No, I am not having a big blowout party. In fact, I have instructed The Gent that we will be out of town for my birthday. That is my wish anyway, I want to be away from home when I turn half a century, where no one knows me. Plus, any excuse for a road trip is a good one.

At any rate, the Year of 50. What does that mean? At first, I thought this may be a running list of things that happened to me this year, saved as a draft of course and then posting it on my actual birthday.

Instead, I think I’ll add a few things now and then publish it. I can add more things as we go along throughout the year, updating this post from time to time.

I’ll record news events, personal happenings, and other things that mean something to me.

So let’s get started shall we?

Date Entered, January 22, 2016:

  • Southern Living turns 50 years old and they are sharing all of their fabulous fifty things on their website.
  • The Super Bowl is breaking tradition and will not have Roman numerals this year, but instead, they will have the number 50 on all their marketing paraphernalia. Me, personally, I’m switching from regular numbers to Roman numerals. Instead of turning 50, I plan to turn the Letter L.
  • Also turning 50 this year is MasterCard. Priceless.

Personally, for January:

  • Had a weekend getaway to Nashville.
  • Visited Guntersville, Alabama.
  • A road trip to Leeds, Alabama to check out the Shops of Grand River.
  • Work-related training in Atlanta, Georgia.

Other little tidbits from January 1966, provided by OnThisDay.com

  • All US cigarette packs have to carry “Caution Cigarette smoking may be hazardous to your health.”


  • Beatles’ “Rubber Soul” album goes #1 & stays #1 for 6 weeks.
  • “Batman”, starring Adam West as Batman, Burt Ward as Robin, and Cesar Romero as The Joker, debuts on ABC.
  • David Bowie releases his 1st record (Can’t Help Thinking About Me).
  • Martin Luther King Jr. opens campaign in Chicago.
  • Snow storm in north east US kills 165.




David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey, Bill Johnson, Natalie Cole, Ave Vigoda…


Ciao mio Amore,