Modifying a CrossFit WOD When Injured

Finally, an actual picture of me in our local CrossFit box. Today I wanted to talk about modifying a CrossFit WOD when injured. I always leave the modifications up to my coach/trainer. I mean, I know with an injured knee I can’t do squat – ha ha, see what I did there. No, for real, I know I shouldn’t be doing any sort of squatting movements with a significant amount of weight on the bar, that’s for sure. It seems obvious the only thing left to do is to do shoulder-to-overhead.

But just the other day the METCON had wallball shots and thrusters in it and I had no idea what to substitute for those two movements. The coach told me to do kettlebell swings for the wallball shots and push presses for thrusters. Oh! Kettlebell swings instead of wallball shots. Yeah!

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