Reflecting on 2017

Reflecting on 2017I’m sure it is a bit early for most of you for this type of post but I’m writing about it anyway because it is on my mind right now. I’m reflecting on the year, 2017, and it’s not yet December. I can’t help it.

Thanksgiving just passed, Christmas is next, then we will be vigorously accosted by the New Year. I don’t know about you but these next few weeks will fly by. For whatever reason, the holiday season maneuvers itself through our lives full tilt and it is normally around Valentine’s Day before we realize what really happened.

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On Washing My Hair

on washing my hairOn washing my hair… Who washes their hair every day? No, just me? How come I didn’t know this as a child, that you’re not supposed to wash your hair every day? Where was I on that day in school when they talked about that topic in general hygiene class; on washing my hair?

I am nearly 51-years old and I only recently found out that I am not supposed to wash my hair every single day. What? It was about two years ago when I started working retail in the cosmetics section of a department store when I discovered this information.

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Weekly Brief #1

Brief #1Since this is a new blog (not Moxie Beautiful anymore) and I still liked doing the weekly snippets (Moxie Shorts) I thought I’d continue with it on this blog. Obviously, I have to rename it to something else. And so we have The Briefs – this is Weekly Brief #1.

The Weekly Briefs will be snippets of my life or things I wanted to share with you but were not big enough for a stand-alone blog post.

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