3 Quick Shopping Tips

Here are some basic shopping tips to get you in and out without stressing while also going easy on your wallet.

3 Quick Shopping Tips

I work in retail and I’ve learned a few ways to save a buck and how to shop without being stressed. Because regardless of popular belief, not all women like to shop. I like it but I have to be in the mood and have a lot of time on my hands. As of late, having a lot of time on my hands has been but an illusive daydream. I mentioned I work retail, right?

Here are three easy and simple tips that I’ve recently picked up by working in retail:

  1. Never pay attention to the price tag, even when it is on the sale rack, especially when it is on the sale rack. Before putting that Elie Tahari skirt back on the rack because it was only marked down from $298.00 to $144.00, take it to the register and have them scan it. It may just be on sale some more. Recently, I picked up an Elie Tahari skirt that was originally $298.00 and I purchased it for $19.99 and it was not marked that way on the ticket. If a friend had not taken it to the register to do a price check, I would have never known and then missed out on a great buy.
  2. Make friends with sales associates. Give them your information. Allow them to call you when something is about to go on sale. They will be glad to work with you, if they are any good at their job. You can also pre-sell with most department stores. Sales associates know when things will go on sale or when they are getting new items in, so find a reliable sales associate and make friends with them.
  3. Shop early. Get to the store right when it opens if you do not want to deal with crowds. The sales associates will be in a good mood seeing as how they are just starting their day. New sale items and new merchandise will be ready and out and the store will more than likely be empty of other customers. Things will not yet be picked over.

Let’s have a discussion, what are some of your shopping tips?

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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