My 5 Must-Haves for Spring & Summer

We are well into Spring. Before we know it, Summer will be upon us. And #BlogSpringFever is almost coming to an end. Today. I am sharing my 5 Must-Haves for Spring & Summer.

My 5 Must-Haves for Spring & Summer

e.l.f. cosmetics mascara primer

Mascara Primer – I will admit that I used to think a mascara primer was something made up just to add-on to a sale at beauty stores. Or that it was a useless product created just to get you to spend more money. Yes, I really believed that a company would spend millions of dollar to create a “fake and useless” product and packaging so you will spend money on it. Lort. Then I received e.l.f. Cosmetics mascara primer in their play Beautifully® box. I’ve been using it and I am nearly out. This product has improved my eyelashes so much and beyond belief. I barely have any eyelashes to begin with, I wasn’t blessed with long lush eyelashes like some folk. But this primer helps make my eyelashes look longer and helps my mascara adhere better. FYI, I also love the mineral infused e.lf. Cosmetics mascara. Mom knows best! Give her the best beauty gifts and earn free shipping when you purchase 3+ Mother’s Day items. Offer valid 4/26-5/2/16. No code needed.


Bobbi Brown’s Body Oil in the fragrance of Beach – this fragrance really does smell just like the beach. I am not joking. I am in love with this body oil. I like to put it on right when I get out of the shower when I am still a little damp and before I fully towel off. The oil spreads easier and thinner and I don’t have to use as much product while it blends in, locking in moisture to hydrate my skin all day long. I also have the Eau de Parfum.

Chanel’s CC Cream – I’ve been testing and trying out several different makeup foundations lately. When I received a sample of the Chanel CC Cream I really didn’t think I would like it at first. I know the term “cream” for an oily skin person can be a little alarming. A CC Cream can be a little thick which is why the Chanel Beauty Advisor told me to use it sparingly; that I didn’t need to use a lot like normal foundation. I barely use any at all and it spreads nicely and evenly. I use a foundation brush to help apply.

Blow Dry It – Blow Out Longwear Spray by L’Oreal. It’s actually a dry shampoo which I had no idea until I used it a few times and then I only found out because I decided to read the can a little better. This product was on sale at Walgreen’s. I was actually looking for Short Sexy Hair Play Dirty spray but cannot find it anywhere except on Amazon. But anyway, I like this spray just as well, it leaves my hair pliable, fuller and it still remains soft and shiny.

Sunglasses! I love my cheapo pair of sunglasses I purchased from Target several years ago. I keep getting the hinge screws tightened. I feel so posh in these sunglasses and they really have become my signature look.

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