A Glance Into 2017

Some things have happened recently that have me taking a glance into 2017. It is nothing earth shattering or devestating, thank goodness. There have just been a series of happenings that I’ve experienced or observed that has me contemplating my near future.

Briefly, here is what has been going through my mind just this week, and how I can parlay it into 2017.

Out with the old, in with the new. This could mean habits, thought processes, people, and materialist things. How do I want to “be” in 2017 and what/who/how can I achieve that goal? Well, I’ll have to purge a lot of crap from my life, my mind, my environment, and digitally.

Keep it simple. If I don’t need it, don’t buy it and be brutally honest about it. I’ve sort of already been doing this for November and December. I’ve turned down a lot of “things” I thought I wanted or needed only to find out that I am still living just fine without it.

One thing and focus. Just focus on ONE THING! Even if it’s just for the first three months of the year. JUST ONE THING. It will probably have something to do with fitness and working out seeing as how that is my passion right now. Focus on that and that only. Do not compare anything else I have or don’t have with anyone else. Just workout and eat right. That’s it, that simple.

Do not compare. I don’t know how many times I catch myself doing this with everything and everyone. STOP IT! Just stop the madness. How can I do this? By focusing on that one thing I listed above and living a simple life. Enjoy what I have and leave everything and everyone else alone. This will take extreme focus and change. So while I am in the midst of doing this my personality may change a little, or drastically, and I’m sure I’ll get asked a gazillin times during the day, Are you okay? I’ve decided my standard answer will be, “Yes, I’m just tired.” It will keep people off my back and asking further questions.

Recognize. Be aware of and recognize the good things in my life. I have an abundance I can find, look at, and turn to. Thank you.

I plan on doing a lot of weeding out in the year of 2017. It is time. Turning 50 and becoming an empty-nester is teaching me new things and how it is time to move on.

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