A New Personal Record in CrossFit

CrossFit, Overhead Squats, Personal Record, Fitness

Listen, every day that I go to CrossFit is a new personal record, trust me. Ha! But, this morning was a little different. I have done Overhead Squats (OHS) before and I remember the last time I did a 1RM of a OHS was at 70# or 75#. So, this morning when we actually worked for 15 minutes on finding a 1RM of an OHS I knew I wanted to try for a new PR – on purpose!

CrossFit, Overhead Squats, Personal Record, Fitness
A new PR

I got up to 95# and I think I could have done more but we ran out of time and we needed to move on to the conditioning portion. I need to start getting pictures of me doing these workouts. But it is kind of awkward to ask someone, “Hey would you mind taking a photo of me performing a snatch?” – or whatever movement I want a photo of. Besides, the other person is too busy working too!

There are times throughout this day that I remember that I overhead squatted 95# today! And when that thought enters my head I get all giddy. And then, my second thought comes in, “But you could have done 100#!!!” Oh well, there will be a next time.

With my new career I’ve had to change up my workout time. Instead of going in at 4:00pm to workout I am having to get up at 4:00AM in order to go in for the 5:30AM class. I live 20 to 25 minutes from CrossFit Impulse. Luckily, at that hour in the morning the traffic is nearly zero. Still, I want to get up at 4:00AM in order to get something in my stomach and have it settle before the WOD.

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!

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