A New Strength Training Cycle Begins

Strength Training, Iron Tribe Fitness, Huntsville

Tomorrow starts a new strength training cycle at Iron Tribe Fitness in Huntsville. I am so excited! We will be working power cleans from the ground and/or power snatches from the ground. But the most exciting part is that they added OVERHEAD SQUATS!

I love overhead squats. It works everything in your body! Your core definitely gets a workout. The only other movement I like just as much is a Thruster and that is strength and cardio!

The first time I attempted overhead squats was with a 35# empty bar. I eventually worked my way up to 70#s. Then one day we worked on overhead squats from the rack and I got up to 110#s!

At any rate, tomorrow starts the new strength training cycle at Iron Tribe Fitness in Huntsville and I look forward to testing-in. It has been several months since I have done overhead squats.

This video demonstrates a squat snatch. She does other movements too but the squat snatch is at the very beginning of the video. After the squat snatch she moves into overhead squats.

And this is me from this morning. A new strength training cycle begins. This is the first day and I mainly worked on technique. I did 55#s.

The cycle ends right before Christmas and I will be curious to see how I improved over the next few weeks. Of course, I’ll keep you all posted here on the blog too.

What is your favorite movement when it comes to exercise and working out?

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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