A New Year With New Friends Dinner Party

When 2011 was coming to a close I spent some time reflecting, as did all of us. I also thought about what the future may bring in 2012, I thought about all the things I wanted to do, accomplish, and experience. I thought a New Year should bring new adventures, new choices, and new relationships. This last idea inspired me to host a New Year dinner party.

I thought about who I would want to invite and it was a no-brainer to invite women that I’d like to get to know better in 2012, you know, seeing as how I was pondering new ideas and new choices in 2012. So I set out to plan this dinner party. It was easy to come up with the women I wanted to invite. I invited women I sort of knew or just met recently and these women are the ones I wanted to spend some more time with and get to know better.

The women I invited ranged in talent; one with a passion for photography and entrepreneur, a freelance writer (or two), a public relations professional, and an English major. I promise I didn’t take their professions into consideration when I invited them but isn’t it funny how that worked out anyway? I reckon this is a small part of why I admire all of them. They, of course, possess a myriad of other talents and passion.

We all decided that the world really is a small place indeed. While the ladies I invited didn’t really know each other, they knew other people they knew and so we came full circle somehow. What is that saying about Kevin Bacon and the world being separated by six degrees, or something like that? 😉

It was a stress-free evening. We had salad, baked ziti, and custard for dessert. Easy. I believe everyone enjoyed the party.

3 thoughts on “A New Year With New Friends Dinner Party”

  1. That’s what was SO COOL about the night – how connected we all were! I guess it shows the magnetism that draws like-minded people, don’t you think?

    Again – GREAT NIGHT! Loved it!

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