A Q&A With Favorite Bloggers

Blogger Q&A #BlogLikeCrazy

The #BlogLikeCrazy writing prompt today is to do a Q&A with your favorite writer/blogger.

I have chosen to do this with a few of my favorite bloggers.

The first favorite blogger I thought of was not just one person but a community, The Independent Fashion Bloggers. I’ve followed the IFB community for quite some time and even created a local community in Huntsville (Rocket City Bloggers) based on what I saw over at the IFB site. But anyway, I digress…. on with the Q&A.

I asked three questions of Jason, Operations and Community Strategist for Independent Fashion Bloggers.

IFB1. Independent Fashion Bloggers has gone PRO! How exciting for you and the bloggers involved. Where do you hope this will lead for everyone involved? What is your vision with this endeavor?
Our vision is to create a small, close-knit community of bloggers who really care about taking their blog to the next level. Whatever that means to them. If they are passionate and engaged, that’s who we want to join. Our goal to create that is through our private FB group to allow the users to connect and help and support each other, while also providing resources on our site just for Pro members to fill in the gaps.

We hope to continue to find ways to bring value to this community, and we hope it will grow out of direct feedback and the specific needs of our Pro members. If we hear that the knowledge base needs more posts, we’ll make them. If there’s engagement with brands they need, we’ll reach out to them. It’s really up to us to listen to our members, discover their needs, and create solutions for them. IFB Pro perfectly executed would lead to stronger bloggers with more confidence, more resources, and more traffic. For now, we’re doing that through education and connections.

2. Do you have any real-life conferences planned in the near future?
We just worked with Simply Stylist for their NYC Fashion event. We’re in talks with them to extend the manner in which we collaborated, and we’re hoping to at least have a one-day event sometime next year where we can come together and build connections and share knowledge. That may or may not be with Simply Stylist, but we’re looking for a way to make that happen. We’re also considering a digital conference where we can still deliver value and connections while saving our audience travel and accommodation expenses, and helping us to determine what the best solutions for our readers are now in 2015 and beyond.

3. What do you look for when reviewing the entries for Links a la Mode?
LALM!!! It’s a unique thing for sure. Jennine wrote this a while back, and it continues to be our guiding principles when reviewing submissions: How To Get Selected For Links a la Mode.

Again, big huge thanks go out to Jason Glaspey, Operations and Community Strategist for Independent Fashion Bloggers, for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions and he did with a quickness too!


My next set of questions is for my bestie blogging buddy – Constance of Cosmopolitan Cornbread.

Constance and I met over a year ago at the first Rocket City Bloggers Meet & Greet. The love of coffee and blogging is what brought us together.

1.) Why do you love blogging?
I love blogging for a number of reasons. First, I am a creative person, so it allows me to express my creativity. Second, I love cooking and I love teaching. By blogging, I’m able to do both at the same time. And third, the feedback and wonderful letters I get from my readers. I always love hearing from people and hearing their experiences with making my recipes.

2.) What is one of your favorite tools for blogging?
There are a couple things I use for my blog, that I would consider tools. My camera & photography gear and of course the editing software that I use to create the images. Another great tool, is something I recently discovered for scheduling pins on Pinterest. Because I am a Food & Lifestyle blogger, Pinterest is a big traffic source for me. I recently started using a program called Tailwind (Tailwindapp.com) and with it, I can schedule a post to be pinned onto multiple boards in just a few seconds. It will automatically optimize the pinning times, to when my followers are most active. I love it! It’s a HUGE time saver.

3.) Where do you see your blogging in the future?
I really just see myself continuing what I am doing. Over time, my blog has gradually “evolved” into what it is now. As new ideas come along, it just kind of becomes part of it. But I can’t imagine every stopping blogging!

Thank you Constance for participating! I greatly appreciate and the next cup of coffee is on me.


Last but not least is Bo Williams whom I also met at a Rocket City Bloggers meet up. Sometimes we are Red Bull & Milk (look it up, Google it). I’m the Milk by the way, NOT MILF, Milk.

But nonetheless, I still try to concentrate and focus on the good parts of our relationship. For example, I love his consistency with blogging and his fearlessness when it comes to writing about provocative topics.

1.) What is your favorite topic to write about?
I really enjoy writing about something I’ve done or somewhere I’ve been, when I feel like I’ve had a new experience. I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture what I felt.

2.) You went through a dry spell recently, how did you overcome that and get back in your groove?
I’m not sure that I am yet. It’s been a bumpy second half of 2015 for me. Some challenges have been external, and some internal. I’ve reacted to few of them satisfactorily. I’m getting there, though. In terms of effect on my writing, it’s a new experience. I’ve written on my blog regularly for more than nine years, and this is the first sustained writer’s block I’ve had.

3.) If you could write anything for a major magazine/newspaper, what would it be?
Something incredibly witty and incisive about people who walk around believing liberal fairy tales. 🙂

Thank you, Bo, for taking the time to answer my questions.

I have more favorite bloggers but these three were the first that came to mind when I read the prompt and so that is who I went with. Go with your instincts!

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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