A Transitional Piece

Maxi Dresses

So here we are going from winter into spring, I guess. It didn’t seem like much of a winter though. Nonetheless, time marches on and this month will mark the official beginning of Spring. This has me thinking about transitional pieces.

Do you ever get up in the morning and decide what you are going to wear upon the weather forecast? So you get dressed appropriately but by the time afternoon comes along you find yourself a little warmer than you planned to be? Or maybe it is only me, getting ready to go through the change, I don’t know. Ha!

At any rate, another reason I chose to blog about the maxi dress as a transitional piece (from winter to spring) is because of my knee surgery last week. I found myself not being able to wear my regular skinny jeans. Also, I was not able to wear high heels so that meant I could not wear dress trousers either – they just would not look right with ballet flats.

So I found myself having to drag out my stand-by comfy maxi dresses. The dresses are loose enough to be comfortable for my knee. It was long enough to keep my legs warm but still cool enough with good ventilation. Heh. If I did get chilled I could easily throw on a sweater or scarf and it would go fine with the dress.

Again, I mainly got out the maxi dress because of my knee surgery but I’m glad because it got me to thinking about what a great transitional piece it is from any season to the next.

Maxi Dress

This photo was from several years ago and we were headed to the beach.

The two maxi dresses pictured above, I picked up at our local Dillard’s a few seasons ago at 50% off. I think I paid $40 for each. I realize this photo doesn’t do them justice and I had to fold them in half for the photograph. Yes, they are quite colorful aren’t they? I’ve sort of changed my taste in color and bright patterns lately but I still have these two dresses in my closet. I’ve worn high heels, and flats, and even flip flops with these dresses. I’ve worn them at the beach and I’ve worn them to work. I’ve warn scarves and blue jean jackets with them. I really find them to be conveniently versatile.

What about you? What is your go-to transitional piece?

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  • Tamika D.

    These are some beautiful maxi dresses. They are so versatile. The best part is that you can dress in layers. I really don’t have any go-to pieces as I am not that into clothes. Forgive me if I’ve said this before. LOL. LOVE the prints!

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