Abe’s Grill in Corinth, Mississippi

Once upon a time, a friend asked me to lunch. Our lunch “date” was in Corinth, Mississippi at Abe’s Grill. That lunch date was in 2006. I went there with my friend to write an article for Southern Family Magazine, a local print publication in Huntsville. I don’t think the magazine ever published the article now that I think about it, and I’ll have to look into that later. Because, if they did publish it, I need to send a copy to Abe!

I did write the article however. It can be found at Dew On The Kudzu, an online southern E-zine (thanks Idgie). Find my other reviews and clips HERE.

Side note: The friend who took me to lunch in 2006 to Abe’s Grill so I could write that article is now my husband.

Today I had the opportunity to see Abe and Terri again. This morning, while on my way to Memphis, Tennessee to attend the 2011 Memphis Creative Non Fiction workshop, my husband calls me and says, “You know, you’ll be driving right by Abe’s at lunch time, you should stop in!” And that is exactly what I, The Gent. 🙂

At 11:45, I pulled the car off of highway 72 and directly in to Abe’s parking lot. The place hadn’t changed a bit on the outside. For some reason I was anxious about it not being there at all. The small parking lot was packed, of course. I was afraid I would not find an available spot to sit, Abe only has 17 diner/bar stools available for his patrons. Fortunately for me, I arrived when five other people were leaving. I got a stool right inside the front door.

There is no room to roam around in Abe’s. You open the door and there it is, right in fr

ont of you, right in your face. One step forward and you find yourself at the counter, take a seat. Only the counter separates you from Abe and the grill. You can watch him do everything. You are in the dining area and the kitchen area all in the same room.

When I arrived and took my stool, Abe greeted me right away. He must have recognized my grin because after he took my order he asked what I was up to or was I just passin’ by. I told him I was on my way to Memphis and asked if he remembered me; I told him I wrote an article about him 2006. To this, his eyes lit up. He told me that, yes, he remembered me. Abe also remembered the friend I was with last time I was in and he asks, “a golf professional, right?” After some chit chat and catching up, I took some photos.

Oh I was so tickled to see that Abe’s was still there, along with Abe himself and his lovely wife Terri! I love it when that happens. Abe makes the best danged ribeye sandwich ever!

Go ahead, make a trip to Corinth, Mississippi and visit Abe’s! Just don’t take your diet with you because they don’t serve salads, fruit, or any other form of rabbit food. Go get yourself the most flavorful-run-down-your-arm-and-chin-juiciest ribeye sandwich ever! Abe insists you season your fries too as he slides the seasoning container down the counter at you. There are no plates, Abe serves up the yummy grub on wax or parchment paper. Rolls of paper towels are available on the counter. Sweet tea is served in a Mason jar. If he had Unsweet Tea available, I wouldn’t know because he didn’t ask me if I wanted Sweet or Unsweet, it was assumed I wanted Sweet and that is what I got, without complaint too!

Now I need to go see about getting a hold of the Food Network and Guy Fieri to let them know about a REAL treasure they need to feature on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

Abe’s Grill
803 HWY 72W
Corinth, MS 38834
“Home of the Midsouth’s Favorite Homemade Biscuit.”
Open Monday -Friday (5AM-3PM).


  • Don

    I hope the workshop in Memphis meets or exceeds your expectations. I recall several years ago when you came down to Montgomery for some sort of workshop and I got to meet you in person.

    If I were still physically able to travel I’d be on my way to Abe’s Grill. That’s my sort of place. I wish I could read the menu up behind the counter to see what else they serve.

  • Angela

    What a fun experience! I love the article and your writing style. Two thumbs up! Also, you’ve done a great job making Abe’s Grill irresistible. I need to plan a trip to Corinth.

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