Alec Baldwin Acts Like a Dad

alec baldwin is a dad

Alec Baldwin acts like a Dad. Recently, his 23-year old daughter posted what some may call a bawdy image. She is naked on a hotel rootop showing her backside.

Alec Baldwn Acts Like a Dad

Alec decided to write a comment, “I’m sorry, what?” But is he questioning her nakedness or is he responding to what she wrote in the description where she made mention that she may never be allowed back.

I’d like to hope that it is because of the risque image she posted and not that she said she may not be invited back. Which also makes me question, will she not be allowed back because of the photo or for some other behavior she may have displayed during her stay?

Who knows but it makes me feel better that celebrities also have grown children who do things that they do not approve of.

By the way, the photo isn’t that bad. However, I wouldn’t want my daughter posting something like tht either.

In case you are wondering what Mom is doing (Kim Basinger), she is busy with animal activism in Korea. A quick Google search shows her spending time in South Korea protesting the dog meat trade.

Source Fox News | Photo Source | Carol ReMarks on other Celebs

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  1. It must be hard for parents of Instagram influencers. So many of their kids are hungry for fame but they have little to offer other than pretty photos of their bodies. It will be interesting to see what happens to influencers as they age out of their “careers.”

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