An Alternative to the Ice Bucket Challenge

So, I was recently nominated to do the ice bucket challenge. At first, I was going to do it but then upon further reflection and discussing this with a friend, I opted to just give money to an alternative research institute. The John Paul II Medical Research Institute also does research in finding a cure for cancer, rare diseases, and neurological diseases (to include ALS).

ALS, Ice Bucket Challenge, John Paul II Medical Research Institute

Now, please don’t think of me as an ice bucket challenge hater. I am not. I have simply chosen to donate through a different charity. So, while I am not doing the ice bucket challenge, it still served its purpose and made me aware and moved me enough to donate some money.

In the meantime, please enjoy Patrick Stewart’s ice bucket challenge. Now that’s the way to do it, I say!

Good luck out there and stay cool,

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