April Blogging Challenge #BlogSpringFever

April Blogging Challenge #BlogSpringFever

Inspired by Javacia’s #BlogLikeCrazy challenge, I decided I can’t wait until November. I am creating an April Blogging Challenge #BlogSpringFever.

Now, neither of the above blogging challenges are anything new. Blogging challenges have been around for a very long time and anyone can create them.

April is Spring! So what better way to celebrate than with a blogging challenge. Spring, to me, means new life, renewed life, the beginning of new things, growth, and transformations. We can apply this to our blogs/blogging life and so #BlogSpringFever is born.

I have created writing prompts or blog topics for each day of the week in April. You can do all of them or you can do some of them or just do your own thing, just do it every day in April. It’s up to you how you want to participate. There are no hard and militant rules here. Pick and choose what you want to write about, I only ask that you post on that particular day. Example, if you want to write about Retirement Plans, please do so on the 8th of April. It’s that easy.

April Blogging Challenge #BlogSpringFever

1. Describe Huntsville, or the town you live in.
2. A favorite childhood memory.
3. What do you do for a living?
4. Country or city?
5. Name, describe three of your heroes/mentors.
6. A place you’ve traveled to recently.
7. What’s in your bag/briefcase/wallet?
8. Retirement plans?
9. The best thing you ever ate.
10. It’s National Siblings Day. If you don’t have a sibling then write about your bestie.
11. Indoor or outdoors?
12. Your most recent “local” purchase.
13. Write about your favorite blogger.
14. Favorite dish to prepare? Share recipe.
15. If you could start another blog, what would it be?
16. Share a How-To blog post.
17. Know any life hacks?
18. Tell us about your nemesis.
19. A habit you’d like to shed.
20. Something you’d play hooky from work to do.
21. A New Year’s goal you accomplished, or most recent goal.
22. Earth Day. What does that mean to you?
23. Share you blog spring cleaning tips/tricks; new plugins, themes, broken link checker, etc?
24. What are you looking forward to the most for Spring/Summer?
25. How do you plan and organize your day?
26. Are you spiritual or believe in something bigger than yourself? Share.
27. Describe something new you’d like to start doing.
28. What are your 5 Must-Haves for Spring/Summer?
29. Blog about a place you’d like to visit.
30. #BlogSpringFever recap, what did you learn?

Let me know if you are participating. I plan to put up some sort of Link Party where you can submit and share your blog posts. Also, feel free to promote on your social media channels when you blog about any of the topics, tag with #BlogSpringFever so I can see it and help share.

Happy Spring! I hope you catch the #BlogSpringFever

Inspired by See Jane Write’s #BlogLikeCrazy challenge.

Thank you to Cosmopolitan Cornbread for coming up with the clever hashtag.

Ciao mio Amore,


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