April Brings #BlogSpringFever


Today is April 1st and it means it is time to #BlogSpringFever. No, this is no April’s Fool joke. I’ve created a blogging challenge for the month of April, blog every day in April. You can find the WRITING PROMPTS HERE.

April Brings #BlogSpringFever

Huntsville, Alabama is the place where I reside. A small little town in north Alabama. With two, possibly three, main roadways that run through town. Micro-breweries, food trucks, a slew of artists and engineers are what comes to mind when I think about Huntsville, Alabama.

A quaint little downtown on the square is home to a few summer events, restaurants, a couple of little coffee houses, and we have a Museum of Art.

The Von Braun Center is probably the biggest attraction to downtown; sports, concerts, broadway plays and a multitude of conferences are hosted here.

Lowe Mill, Lincoln Mill, Research Park spawns talent ranging from the visual to the logical.

Combine the low cost of living with the low crime rate and you nearly have a modern day Mayberry.

I have lived in Huntsville since 1991. I’ve seen a lot of things happen here, a lot of growth. I lived here before I-565 was built. My children were born and raised here.

And you know what else?

I’ve been trying to leave Huntsville for a very long time. I did leave once, for a short little while. Obviously, I found my way back.

Still, I keep trying to leave. Until recently. I think I have finally resigned to the fact that I’ll be here until the day I die. And really, Huntsville is not a bad little town.

Plus, it is close to bigger cities; Birmingham and Nashville and perhaps even Atlanta.

I’ve made several friends here, friends who have become like family really. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do if I did leave this place. I cannot believe I am admitting that right now, in writing. I have a love-hate relationship with Huntsville.

After 25 years, I think it is finally growing on me, maybe.

Ciao Mio Amore,

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