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It’s Valentine’s Day! Are you going to be a hero or are you going to be in the dog house? It’s not too late to be the hero ya know. Allow me to introduce you to Janie Day, owner and massage therapist at DayDreams Therapeutic Massage, LLC.

Give Janie a call today and she’ll play cupid for you with a gift certificate and you’ll be the hero again.

I sat down with Janie not too long ago to interview her for my blog. So allow me the privilege of introducing Janie to you and enjoy the interview:

When did you start your business?
I started my business on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2011, one year ago today!

What made you decide to start your business? Give us a brief history.
In school I played sports and I’ve always been fascinated with muscles and how they work. Becoming a massage therapist was more in-line with what I found interesting about the human body and a lot quicker than having to go to medical school for a long period of time. At one point, I also wanted to be a Physical Education teacher, so I’ve always been intrigued by the body, how it works and moves. Being able to help people feel physically better is so rewarding to me.

Tell me what you do.
Well, I am a massage therapist. That means I’ve been trained to work on muscle injuries as well as trigger point therapy. There are various techniques I can use to help with any sort of problem or issues you may have. I specialize in Fibromyalgia and elderly care. However, my clients ages range from a 6 month old baby to a woman in her nineties.

Do you have a dream client? Or who would you like to work with?
I would like to work with the local high school and college coaches as well as partner with chiropractors.

What is one of your recent accomplishments?
I have found that I am helping Fibromyalgia patients live a more productive life. My clients who suffer from Fibromyalgia tell me they are sleeping better at night and can function better throughout the day. That makes me feel so good that I am helping people live better and hopefully easing their pain.

How do you network? Build business?
I belong to a local chapter of Business Networking International. I’m always up for being out in the public and doing free chair massages at local events. I am involved with corporate events, retirement homes, and health fairs on a regular basis.

What is your key to success?
My clients are special to me. I get to know them and cater to their needs. Each client is the most important person to me when they are on my table. I have a focused goal, to make my client happy and help them out of pain. That is the key to my success!

Can you share a tip about your business?
Stretch and drink lots of water! Hydrating helps lubricate your muscles.

How do you keep current in your area of expertise?
I keep current by obtaining a total of 24 hours of Continuing Education Units every 2-years as required by the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals where I am a member. I also keep up to date with reading material and lectures.

Is there anything you have coming up that you’d like to share with everyone? Events, promotions, specials?
I’ve recently partnered with The Commons Retirement Homes. Also, I have a special going on until the end of February – a one hour massage for $50.00.

What message would you like to leave everyone, in your own words?
I encourage everyone to take care of themselves. Incorporate a one hour massage once a month to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Getting a massage is not “just a luxury.” Receiving a massage can help give you a better quality of life. Consider it a regular tune up for your body.

[This concludes the interview]

Janie is a such a doll and I visit her once every two weeks, every pay day, like clockwork. It is my treat to myself. I go for the relaxation and de-stressing!

To learn more about Janie Day and her business, DayDreams Therapeutic Massage, visit her website today DayDreams Therapeutic Massage. And give her a call to make your appointment. You will NOT regret it, I promise.

Janie Day, Massage Therapist

DayDreams Therapeutic Massage, LLC
Owner and Massage Therapist, Janie Day
1428 Weatherly Road Southeast Huntsville, AL 35803-1191
(256) 270-9989

Don’t forget to tell her Carol sent you! 🙂

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