Before and After Technology

Before and After Technology

Before and After Technology. Wasn’t it just yesterday we were all using rotary telephones with cords on them and actually going into the bank to make a deposit or withdraw? It does to me. This makes me want to write a blog post about technology, before and after.

Before and After Technology

Generation-X is the generation who had the privilege of enjoying both sides of technology. We grew up running around outside, staying out until dark, and riding our bikes and on occasion enjoyed an Atari game. We used pay phones and in our home had rotary phones with long cords. We used paper maps in our early 20s when having to navigate in a new town.

As young children, we did not have cable television but three channels and loved our Saturday morning cartoons. Without a care in the world, we soaked in the sun while sprawled out on plastic lounge chairs or large beach towels with baby oil and iodine slathered all over our bodies.

We learned how to tell time on a clock with a face. Some of us fixed popcorn on the stove, in a pan. We passed paper notes during class or in between classes. We used textbooks in school and the aroma of ditto machines lingered in the air. We took our film, from a camera, to the store to be developed.

Our generation received the news from news anchors on one of the three big major networks. We listened to the radio and called in to request our favorite tunes. We also listened to vinyl records on a turntable. We waited in long lines to get concert tickets.

Anyway, these are just a few things that come to mind that we used to do before technology bombarded us with all sorts of modern conveniences.

We were still fairly young when personal computers (desktops) entered every home in America. And we were not that old either when we purchased our first flip phone with a wireless carrier. Probably took some of us a little longer to learn how to use a smartphone and take a proper selfie.

Now, our cars and cell phones talk to us and we can find anything we want to know from typing it into Google. Remember Encyclopedias? Haha. And I ask the following rhetorical question with dripping sarcasm; how did we EVER survive back then? We survived just fine, hell, we thrived.

Facebook blew up in our generation, giving us ways to reach out and find classmates and childhood buddies. Social media is still something a few of us are still trying to figure out and master.

Our bank cards have chips, and we have Netflix at the tips of our fingers, music at any time beating through earphones, and wearable technology that tells us how many steps we’ve taken on any given day.

Some may say we had the best of both worlds. I don’t know, I suppose. I don’t know exactly how I feel about it. I miss those simple days but I also enjoy most of the technology today.

What about you? What do you remember the most before technology came along? Or what was the biggest “change” you experienced with the before and after technology?

A list of Before and After, feel free to add to it in the comment section:

  1. Before the internet, we had the outdoors.
  2. Before cell phones, we had phones with cords and beepers.
  3. Before iTunes, we had record players and walkmans.
  4. Before cable television, we had three channels.
  5. Before Netflix we had VHS.
  6. Before voicemail, we had answering machines.
  7. Before Google we had Encyclopedias.
  8. Before Mom taxis, we had bikes.
  9. Before online banking, we had ATMs and checks.
  10. Before Snapchat we had Polaroid pictures.

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Before and After Technology

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