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So The Girl and I spent some mother-daughter time this weekend by getting free facials and makeovers at the Benefit Cosmetic counter at Belk in the Parkway Place mall.

I thought it would be a great way to spend some time with my daughter and to have her try some new looks out for the military ball she is going to attend this coming weekend. So when Sarah, the Benefit sales consultant, called me to see if I was interested in the facials and makeovers I said, “Yes.”

We spent four hours there at the counter and had so much fun. My daughter does not wear a lot of makeup. She may wear some concealer and mascara but that’s about it. When Sarah broke out three different eye shadows for The Girl I remained quiet, hoping that Gracie would be open-minded and give it a try. She did. And she loved it. I reckon because it was someone other than her old mom suggesting something new.

Here are some before and after photographs of The Girl’s experience:

We had a great time. The Girl learned how to apply eye make up and Sarah was great with us; she was knowledgeable and patient, very outgoing with a positive attitude. She also has a great memory because she did not write anything down while we were doing the facials, but she was able to recite everything at the end of our four hour pampering session when she wrote down on our cards what she used in the process. I was impressed.

The product I liked best was the erase paste. LOVED the erase paste! Benefit Erase Paste is a brightening camouflage for eyes and face. Easily covers dark circles and imperfections. It is thick and you don’t need a lot of it so it will last a very long time. It comes in three different shades with brightening melon undertones.

The Girl’s favorite products were the cream eye shadows of course. She did look awesome. But of course I think she looks awesome all the time, with or without makeup. 🙂

The product packaging and names are so much fun too! Just to name a few:

Dr. Feel Good – a velvety complexion balm
Lemon Aid – color correcting eyelid primer
They’re Real! Mascara – beyond mascara
Ooh La Lift – instant under-eye brightening boost

I mean really, if you want something fun to do with your daughter go on down to the Benefit Cosmetics counter at Belk and ask for Sarah. Tell her Carol, the Blogger, sent you. Heh.

6 thoughts on “Benefit Cosmetics Makeovers”

  1. I know lots of people who feel the way that you do about Erase Paste! I’ve never tried it personally, but seeing another recommendation about it certainly makes me curious.

    I live in their eyeshadow creme. The shade RSVP is my daily lid cover. I also like Birthday Suit. Never creases and totally stays all day.

  2. Thanks Carol, I stumbled upon your blog and this article ( among many others) I am very fair complected and have a hard time not finding makeup that leaves that line or mask look and I have very sensitive skin too. Upon your review i bought the erase paste and “some kind of gorgeous lite” foundation. I LOVE it. It matches extremely well, feels light, and stays in place without the caked on appearance.

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