Sorrento, Italy, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, #BlogSpringFever

The Best Thing I Ever Ate

For #BlogSpringFever, The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

This is an easy one and I’ve talked about it several times before on the blog and in person to anyone who will listen to me again and again.

First, let me just say that any food in Italy is the best thing I ever ate. Part of our honeymoon was spent in Rome, Sorrento, Naples and I have never ever had such good food in my life before. Although Greece comes a close second.

We visited a farm in Sorrento, Italy where they made their own mozzarella cheese and limoncello. We sat down with a group of strangers and broke bread together. Fresh bread, fresh mozzarella, fresh prosciutto, fresh tomatoes. It was a simple meal but it was the BEST meal I have ever eaten or experienced.

Combined with the ambiance, the group of strangers, the fresh food, being on a farm in Italy hello! All of it made the experience unforgettable.

I wish I had gotten everyone’s information and at least the name of the farm. I am sure if I took the time and researched, I could find the farm again, online.

At any rate, that’s it, the best thing I ever ate.

Allow me to also add the fresh blueberry ice cream that is seasonal at Connor’s Steak & Seafood Restaurant at Bridge Street. Yes.


Ciao Mio Amore,

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