Big Confession

Okay ya’ll, I’m gonna let you in on one big huge total secret I’ve been harboring for quite some time. I’ve always wanted to be an actress. From the time I watched my very first Academy Awards show (I was probably 6 or 7 years old) and knew what an Oscar was, I wanted in.

I just watched Meryl Streep on 60 Minutes. Yeah, I’m an old person. But watching Meryl on 60 Minutes just made me all warm and fuzzy on the inside, as always. I was all smiles. I was calm. I was content. I was breathing. I was happy. She is awesome.

A year or so ago I even signed up and took film acting lessons but I never pursued anything because I talked myself out of this silly dream. I’m too old now to try and do something with acting.

::sigh:: Oh well. Perhaps this is where my love for writing came in and why my imagination has gone wild. When I was young I would walk around like there was a camera on me at all times. Of course I also walked around pretending to be The Bionic Woman too. LOL How funny. And I can’t believe I am confessing this to you now.

But, whatever. I hope you had a good laugh anyway.

Enjoy this trailer of Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady.


  • Harold

    I’ve had that dream too, Carol. I was heavily involved in theater in high school and to some degree in college. Right after high school I even spent a year as an extra, off and on. Even got a speaking part once that qualified me for membership in the Screen Actor’s Guild.

    I never put real effort into it, though. Never spent the money to join SAG, never hired a photographer to get some head shots to put in a portfolio, never took acting classes after college, never searched for an agent and only went on one or two auditions. Those are just the basics required to get into television or film: I could’ve at least auditioned for plays after college and attempted to join a theater company but always found an excuse not to. Too broke, too busy, not enough confidence…I was always full of excuses.

    If you have it within you to give it a shot, do it. I’m more interested in writing these days — at least, I tell myself that, though I still love to participate in various forms of performance — but you’re never too old to follow your bliss. Acting is not just for the “young”. In this age of independent productions and online video productions, there are venues for all ages to exercise their craft.

    I should follow my own advice. Perhaps I will.

  • Becky

    Harold has good advice! You are not too old at all to try this. Huntsville has lots of theatre options. You could start by volunteering to help backstage with a production. I can send you a link to the weekly email I get with information about what is happening around town. It has audition information in it.

    I have limited my work to things my children are involved with for now. But before I had them, I did lots of stage management for a community group in NOLA. It was fun and a different group of people from the engineers I worked with by day. As they say, “There’s no business like show business”!

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