Birmingham Day

The Kids and I went to Birmingham yesterday, on black Friday. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know that I was dreading this because I was scared of getting out in the crazy on Black Friday. And in Birmingham too, where it would be even more crowded crazy because it is a big city. Or bigger than Huntsville anyway. Don’t get me wrong. I love Birmingham and keep telling The Gent I want to move to Birmingham. Actually, I tell The Gent I want to move ANYWHERE because I am so over Huntsville.

But anyway, yeah, I was dreading getting out in public yesterday, on Black Friday. But you know what? We did it and you know what else? It was FABULOUS! It was not crowded at all. I couldn’t believe it. There were no long lines, parking was easy to find, and everyone was NICE and POLITE. I need to stop watching television because I didn’t experience any of that chaotic mess they keep showing on the news.

So for yesterday I was grateful for not having to deal with Black Friday Madness.

The Kids and I left our house around 7AM and got down to our first stop, The Shops at Grand River around 9AM and parked nearly right up front. It was not crowded at all and we had a fantastic shopping experience. I want to go back to that place.

The Outlet Shops at Grand River

Our next stop was The Summit. It was nice and they have some stores we don’t have in Huntsville but in general I thought it was a little expensive. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory, that is something we don’t have in Huntsville. Now I wish we had gone to the Galleria too. Maybe next year because I would love to make this a tradition in our family. The Gent has to work at the golf course on Black Friday because you can imagine how busy they get on that day – with the women folk out shopping and the husbands left to go play golf. Ha!

I didn’t buy much. I bought a 2013 planner and a couple of tee-shirts for The Boy and all the food for everyone. I mainly went for The Kids, so they could do their shopping. Plus, I promised them we’d do something special, our own little shopping trip somewhere. Normally, The Girl and I would go to Ohio and spend the first weekend in December with the women in my family doing our annual *Easter-Christmas shopping trip but this year we couldn’t go. So I told The Girl we’d do our own thing and, believe it or not, Black Friday was THE ONLY DAY that would workout with everyone’s schedule. The Girl works weekends now and The Manchild was here on Thanksgiving break. If we had waited until December it would be hectic to squeeze in a trip somewhere. *Easter is my maiden name and therefor the maiden names of all the women in my family so we call it the Easter-Christmas shopping trip. The Easter-Christmas shopping trip mainly consist of eating a lot of food and giggling until 2AM. Yes, we do shop too. I hate that we’ll miss it this year. So if you see a group of women in Chillicothe, Ohio wearing matching glittery sweatshirts, stretchy pants and fanny packs, they are not a singing group, they are The Easters on a mission to shop and have fun.

Anyway, thank you Birmingham! We had a great time and I’ll go back down again soon. I’m not waiting a whole year.


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