Blonde Again

For lack of having a decent topic to write about tonight, I’ll just have to settle with telling you about my hair.

I once was a platinum blonde and I loved it. I got compliments on my hair every time I went out and about but for whatever reason I decided to go back to being a brunette. I hate it. So I am once again going back to blonde. I have an appointment tomorrow evening.

My appointment is with a brand new stylist though. My regular stylist is out of commission for various reasons and I have been wanting to get back to blonde before I head to Memphis next week. I hope my regular stylist is doing well and of course I’ll get back to her when she is ready.

So I am very nervous about this new stylist. She came recommended, but still. It’s my hair we are talking about. I hope one can fix a blonde hair mess-up if something goes terribly wrong.

You be the judge. What color do you prefer? Or maybe I could do something completely off the wall and go red hot or cool blue? Um no.

Of course if I do go back to blonde (which I am) I will have to find someone to give my little cartoon girl up there in the banner blonde hair too.


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