Hey there ya’ll. How are my little love bunnies doing today?

Me? I’ve been better but that’s beside the point. It doesn’t matter.

I was going to get on here and write about the bombarding awesomeness I receive from Twitter and Facebook but then thought better of it. I’ll move on.

So, summer is almost upon us. School is out, seniors are graduating, swimming pools are open, and the sweltering heat will soon make us all wish for Fall again. Of course I always wish for Fall. The weather here in the south is my only complaint, about the south. I’ve blogged and written about it enough though. It is something I will eventually learn to live with, even if menopause is nearly upon this 40-something year old.

Do you have any fun summertime plans? I’m sure some of you will be going to the beaches. What are some of your favorite beach destinations? What are you favorite beach activities? How long do you normally stay? Let’s have a beach conversation in the comment section.

I probably won’t be going to the beach this summer. Which is fine, I’m not really a beach person anyway. My kids are though, and so is The Gent. I would go for the kids, if we could. But it’s rather expensive, the beach. I don’t think the kids would find it at all funny if I purchased one of those plastic kiddie pools to put on the back patio and surrounded it by sand from Lowe’s. No, they probably wouldn’t see the humor.

Oh well.

I need to work on my Southern Sin entry for the Creative Nonfiction contest anyway. I have a topic, a theme, I’ve written a little bit of it but I’m finding it hard to continue. I don’t know why. Yes, I do. I keep listening to the Debbie Downer in my head – the editor, the critique monster. I can’t tune her out. She keeps insisting on me to show her my worthiness and awesomeness but I always come up short. So I end up not even trying.

Well, I’m just glad I have a four-day weekend coming up. Friday I have to go down to the school and pick up The Boy.  He’ll be home for summer!!! Yay!! Now I just need to find things to keep him from being bored and out of trouble. Actually, we are working a plan for that right now.  And I hope The Girl gets A JOB!  ::sigh:: and if we can just get her to do her summer reading then I’ll be happy. That’s all I want, I don’t think I’m asking for much.

For me, though, summertime is not any time special. I won’t be going anywhere on vacation. I will continue on as usual. I’ll keep reading your awesomeness though on social media and live through you vicariously.

4 thoughts on “Bombarded”

  1. Hi C.A., I can’t agree with you more; what’s with all the beachy stuff. I guess I was pretty well spoiled by growing up on the TX Gulf coast. Don’t know what all the hub-0bub is about..besides, my idea of a fun vacation is a large suite in a big city with a nice view and lots of fun stuff to do. Ahhh…no better way to realx in my opinion. When it gets chilly, then I’ll head to Mexico or somewhere in the Carribian for some beach time. Everyone else can have it for now. Good luck on your writing. Alwasy enjoy reading what you have to say.

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