Childhood Halloween

Today’s writing prompt for the NaBloPoMo is to write about my favorite childhood Halloween costume. I have several. When I was very young, we didn’t go out and buy store costumes. My mother made them from scratch, from what we had around the house already. I was many a pirate and gypsy and I absolutely LOVED my costumes. I don’t have any photos of them but I do have photos from when I was a bit older.

This one was from a Halloween party we hosted at our house. My step sister and I invited our friends and neighborhood kids. I dressed up as Laverne from Laverne & Shirley. I don’t know if you can see but there is a boy standing to my right with that burgundy shiny jacket on? His name was Mark if I remember correctly and somehow he knew to coordinate with my outfit. I believe he was either Carmine or Lenny.


And then there were times where we dressed up to just to dress up and do skits. We had a blast. I don’t know if this was from Halloween or not. I am sure that it is, cause damn. That was some effort right there! And I do believe this one is my absolute favorite of all time…. I am the one on the left. The other girl is my step sister.


Thanks for the memories,

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