Chores, Done!

Today I am grateful for getting my chores done early in the weekend. Now I can relax and enjoy what’s left of it.

We live in a small town home and I only clean the downstairs which consist of a combined living room/dining room, a kitchen, and our master bedroom and bath. The upstairs are run by the teens. They clean it. So it doesn’t take me long to clean, a couple of hours and today I did a little extra too. But it is done and I am glad. I’m worn out and my back hurts.

November 17, 2012

But now I get to write and finish reading Brava, Valentine. Now I can watch Capote that I ordered via Netflix. Now I can watch football. Now I can sit on the couch and enjoy cup after cup of coffee.

Next week, Thanksgiving week, or the weekend of Thanksgiving, the kids and I will put up the Christmas tree before we take The Manchild back to school. We’ll probably do that Saturday because on Black Friday we are going to venture down to Birmingham to make a little special Christmas shopping trip. Lord help me now.

For now, though, the house cleaning is done! I am so THANKFUL!!!

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