Between Christmas and New Year

Dear Diary Bitstrips

This is always the time of the year when I feel a little sad and depressed, unmotivated. It’s probably because the excitement and hoopla leading up to Christmas is suddenly done and over with while I begin to reflect on the past year and set my field of vision on the future of the New Year. Doing self audits is depressing.

Dear Diary Bitstrips

But I know I’ll get through this stage, the next week or two. I always do and things turn out okay.

This year, however, I do not have a plan. I do not have a vision board. I have no wants and desires to achieve for this upcoming year. I don’t normally do New Year Resolutions so I don’t have to worry about that unrealistic project.

Normally, I have some sort of a plan though. There might be something I’d like to achieve, have a plan of action to accomplish a long term goal. The last few years I’ve done vision boards but I’m not doing it this year. Again, as I said before, I am totally not motivated and have nothing I want to achieve.

There’s just one thing that has entered my mind while I’ve been contemplating – to just be okay with myself. To accept and be happy with who I am and what I already have accomplished. To be grateful for what (and whom) I have in my life. That’s it.

Yes, I have fleeting thoughts of moving up north to be with my family, closer to them. The older I get, the more this thought enters my mind. The older the kids get and the closer they get to moving out, the more this thought (leaving Huntsville to move closer to family up north) creeps in my head.

Not being motivated or excited for the New Year, this weepy time in-between Christmas and New Year, also might have something to do with being off schedule. I have a new job and the schedule is not consistent. Sure, I get 40 hours in but it’s made up differently each week. I’ve also been absent from CrossFit for going on two weeks. And I know that is a HUGE reason I am feeling all down in the dumps. Once I get back to CrossFit, it will be better. I know this for certain.

In the meantime, on Sunday, I plan to take care of a couple of things that will make me feel way better.

  • Clean and organize my desk
  • Clean and organize my closet
desk office organization
Way out of control
even worse than the desk

mox1Anyhoo, I’ve had two days off in a row. I told myself that during these two days off that I would not get out of my pajamas. And I haven’t. I did manage to take a shower today and put on a bra at least, today.

Tomorrow it’s back to work and then Sunday a day off to complete my two projects.

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!

2 thoughts on “Between Christmas and New Year”

  1. I am contemplating leaving Huntsville as well. Of course I want to be near family, but mainly to get back on my feet. I know I’ve been considering that move, and my other options, for a while now, but this is the year something has to happen. I literally have to either buy or sell this place and I have until July to decide. Actually, my decision’s been made, it’s just not set in stone. But I understand the need to get closer to “home.”

    As for the job, I think the inconsistent schedule is a lot more difficult to adapt to than you’d think. At least it is for me, since I like having a pretty solid routine.

    Hope you are able to make your way back to CrossFit soon!

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