Competition Christmas

Okay, what is going on here? The Gent takes an extra day off for a doctor’s appointment and then the next thing I know I have gifts under the tree. I didn’t know he went out and did all of this? The green ones that are stacked in the photo? Yeah, those are mine.

Great. I wasn’t expecting all of that for heaven’s sake. Now I have to go out and buy him more. Heh. Not really, I know I don’t and this is not the point of Christmas anyway, so please, do not send me your emails with what Christmas really means. I know. I’m just goofing off on my blog.

So, you know, now I have to go out and buy The Gent 11 more gifts because right now he only has one gift from me under the tree. Because I have to make it even in the competitiveness of Christmas. Heh.

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