Confessing My Love For Blogging

Blogging Love

We are now halfway through #BlogLikeCrazy and I’ve been able to keep it up, blogging consistently and hopefully with quality content. I like to think so anyway. Otherwise, why do it?

Which brings me to the topic for today’s #BlogLikeCrazy – Confessing Your Love For Blogging.

Anyone who really knows me also knows this is not a confession but a proclamation instead. I do love blogging. I love it, a lot. It is my passion.

I once fancied myself a “writer” but now I know that I am a Blogger and I don’t say that with condescending drip. Oh no, I say it proudly. I LOVE BLOGGING. Yes, blogging is a form of writing but it is much more than that, to me anyway.

It is research, editing, photography, editing, deadlines, social media, editing, expression, opinion, branding, marketing, editing, editing, more research, editorial, and instant gratification when I hit PUBLISH. Basically it is a business. And I am in charge of it all.

Like working out and being in charge of my own physical health, I am also in charge of my blogging. I don’t have to answer to anyone. I don’t have to ask permission. I don’t have to wait around on anything or anyone. This all comes from me.

And while it comes from me, I hope that it helps other people. I hope that it motivates, inspires others. I hope someone else out there can relate to whatever I am writing about. I hope I make people laugh, think, ponder, relate. All I want to do is share my experiences, loves, wants, desires, passions, opinion, creative expression, dreams with others and hope that others can relate and gain something from the blog.

If somewhere along the way I can turn this into a business, use my blog for a launching platform to other avenues, great. If I can make some money along the way, even better. But for now, I am still having way too much fun just blogging.

I’m a lifestyle blogger. I blog about Glamour, Grit, Generation-X. My name is C.A. and I love blogging. I want to build community, a movement of all the Moxie Beautiful people.

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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  1. I’m definitely a blogger more than a writer. They’re different animals, and I’m sure some people are both, but for me blogger is the label that just clicks! 🙂

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