Confession of a Mary Kay Junkie

Okay, so look, I am a Mary Kay user. I love Mary Kay. I love it so much that I used to be a consultant. I wish I had stuck it out too because it was so much fun being a consultant and being around positive and encouraging women. But look at me already digressing….

I have a confession to make. I gave up Mary Kay for a little while. Not because I wanted to but because I felt like I needed to cut back on some things to save money. And what is the first thing we, as women, do when we try to save money? We cut ourselves out first. Whether it be an allowance for purchasing books, weekly Sunday matinees to escape from responsibilities for a few hours, eating out at lunch, or cutting back on the dry-cleaning bill. But mainly, we cut back on our personal item expenses, don’t we? We end up buying cheaper shampoo, stop wearing nail polish once the bottle runs out, we buy the generic body lotions. I am sure you can add to that list too.

So my thing was to cut back on my skincare strategy. MISTAKE! And I knew it was a mistake going in too. Oh sure, at first it was okay and not too bad. I was okay with using Dial soap as my facial cleanser. It didn’t seem to make a difference. At least not in the beginning. It was difficult to notice a difference right away. It is a subtle change; like you don’t notice those 10lbs you put on over the Holiday season either because it comes on ounce by ounce by cheesecake by cheesecake! But eventually, come March, you’ll notice it.

This is what happened to me, about my skincare practices. I didn’t notice any difference, at first. The Dial soap seemed to get all my makeup off. And I’d simply use the generic body lotion I was using on the arms and legs and just put a little on my face after coming out of the shower. Meh. No big deal.

Then I got contact lenses.

I’ve been a reading glasses kind of gal for a long time but my eye sight was slowly getting worse and worse. I wore transition lenses reading glasses but I was getting tired of them and announced to my eye doctor at my last and most recent eye exam that I’d like to give contacts a try.

When my trial pair of contacts arrived, I had to go in to the doctor’s office to get intruction on how to put them in and take them out and how to care for my contacts. I got them in fairly easy the first time and then I looked into the magnified mirror they used for the instruction session, with my new contacts in, I saw my face up close and personal for the first time in a long time.

OH MY GOD! I LOOK LIKE THIS?!” I shouted in horror to the Optometrist Assistant who had just praised me for being a quick learner and good student.

Y’all, I had no idea I had turned into the makeup cake face old lady. Lawd! I also had no idea my pores had opened up to become the size of dimples on a golf ball. Oh, and the wrinkles under my eyes y’all. Here, I had been strutting around thinking I was all that at the age of 47 THINKING I looked like I was 27. I was embarrassed and mortified! I really did shout that to the Optometrist Assistant by the way – OH MY GOD! I LOOK LIKE THIS???!

Mary Kay TimeWise® Miracle Set product review

Suffice it to say, I called up my Mary Kay Director immediately begging her to take me back with the cry of HELP and I’LL NEVER LEAVE YOU AGAIN. Thankfully, she did not judge me but came to my office with a special delivery. I could not WAIT to get home and use my new product. I’d say it is pretty close to the same feeling of being excited to get home and take off this bra!

But seriously, I am not joking, I noticed and FELT the difference the first day! No joke.

So, I’m gonna have to find something else to give up monetarily because I cannot live without my Mary Kay. And really, it’s not that expensive, it’s just that I’m having some financial woes these days but it will all be okay in the end. Besides, I can always host a skincare class and get a discount on my purchase.

I recommend the Mary Kay TimeWise® Miracle Set. I use the 3-n-1 Cleanser, Age-Fighting Moisturizer, Day Solution/Night Solution. Add to that, I also use a Mary Kay Firming eye cream. Of course, to finish it all out, I use the liquid foundation in a matte finish. Put the foundation on with a brush. Trust me, you’ll thank me. I had no idea. I was using my fingers. If you are using your fingers to spread on your liquid foundation, stop it right now and find a good foundation brush to use.

Mary Kay has a new tool, though, since I last enjoyed her products. The Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush is a lightweight two-speed power brush that gently massages and cleans away residue and makeup. You use it with your cleanser of course.

It’s a shame that there is so much snobbery out there regarding skincare and makeup brands. I hate contempt prior to investigation. I know how people feel about Mary Kay, some women anyway. But it’s okay, I know what I like and what works for me. Mary Kay is contemporary and has transitioned into the 21st century quite nicely, thank you very much.

Anyway, that’s my two-cents worth for today.

Thanks for reading,

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11 thoughts on “Confession of a Mary Kay Junkie”

  1. Mary Kay was the makeup my mom got me when I started wearing it. She had a consultant come out and teach me how to put makeup on and the whole bit. i love their products – even though I don’t use them anymore =)

    1. Hey Laura Waxman! I’d love to send you some free stuff in the mail and get your opinion on Mary Kay now:) We have a brand new product out for wrinkles that 100% of people saw an immediate improvement with…Super excited about that. You can reach me through , search my name:)

  2. LOVE IT!! As a gal who at 49 started using any skin care for the first time, including foundation- I attended a Mary Kay skin care class as a favor to a friend. Convinced I would not be buying anything – within minutes of sampling the miracle set and microderm – amazing! I was stunned at how my face felt!
    Of course, I went home with the roll up bag filled with products, my skin began to look soo different and looks years younger than it is!!
    Then 6 months later I joined Mary Kay – fell in love with the MK culture and philosophy- became a Director that first year, have earned 3 cars, 3 diamond rings and have a Unit of 83 women! Kind, caring and sharp women! This business has allowed me to participate in many fundraisers then share my profit with them- love that!!!!
    Who knew that saying yes to attending a skin care class for a friend could bring this much JOY into my life!
    Wow – what a fantastic journey!!
    Soo glad you have found your way back to Mary Kay!
    Pink wishes for you-

  3. I am a Mary Kay convert. Read my story at So good to “like” your Facebook page. I was born in Alabama: have lived in Texas, Georgia, Mississippi and now, Ohio!

  4. There are plenty of good products from neutorgena, aveno, olay etc.
    You don’t need to wash your face with Dial. That’s gross.
    You also don’t need to spend that kind of money.

    1. MissJuliesse – if you’ve not tried MK, you would be surprised at how much BETTER it is than all of those drugstore brands… I’d be happy to send you a goodie bag to try the skincare. It’s worth it and you are too.

      Glad you found your way back! What a great post!

    2. Miss Juliesse,

      You hit the nail on the head. There are a lot better skincare products out there than MK and at a much better price.

      MK isn’t a good quality makeup anymore. There are some much better and they don’t ask you to stalk your friends and family in order to move up the MLM ladder.

      So glad I never got in the Pink Fog but I’ve seen so many that have and who’s lives were shattered by MK. Sad but true.

      You are right on!

  5. Hi there, yes, I sold Mary Kay for 12 years. I retired and decided to explore other brands. I found tons of great products at my local stores that work better and are less expensive.
    I was amazed at how amazing my journey out of May Kay would be. I took my time and just tried one thing at a time.

    But I will say, if you really want Mary Kay, you can find tons of stuff available on Amazon as well as EBay. There are so many gals who have huge unsold inventories that you can find what you want on the cheap. But don’t be afraid to experiment with other products. There are tons of choices out there. Walgreens even lets you return something if it didn’t work out for you. There are actually lots of help choosing other products from the gals at cosmetic counters to the Ultra and Sephora stores.

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