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Core Strength PerformanceIt’s a new year so why not try something new. Last year, in January, I changed jobs. Now that was quite a change. This year, it may be my fitness that gets an overhaul. In the first week of January 2018 I found myself visiting Core Strength & Performance.

Core Strength & Performance

How did I come to visit Core Strength & Performance you ask? I was told about Core Strength & Performance from a friend. Next thing I know I am visiting the new local gym.

First of all, it is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE! I can jog there in warmer weather. So convenient.

Secondly, it is a small gym. They want to stay small, not take on too many clients. Not only is it physically small but they want to keep it as an intimate more personal training gym. With classes no more than 6 to 8 people at one time, it will seem like personal training!

Third, the owners are married to each other and its their business, they are invested and educated. Highly educated! And super nice and seem willing to share their information. I always like to know why and how and what for when I am learning new things related to fitness and wellness. Why am I doing this? How is this going to benefit me? How does it work?

The downside? It is a tad expensive, more expensive than what I am paying now at CrossFit. However, I have already justified the price for myself. And seriously, I can cut corners here and there and cut out a Starbucks trip, not eat out at lunch, and not buy stuff I don’t need. It would only be a $40 a month increase, so it’s not like it would be HUNDREDS of dollars more. I’m good with that for a high quality gym that offers a more personal style and approach, not to mention nutritional information as well.

I will admit, I am having a difficult time breaking up with CrossFit. I don’t want to but I just keep asking myself; maybe it is time for something new? I’ve been doing CrossFit for four years now. I still love it. STILL LOVE IT. And I can always do some form of CrossFit in my own garage when the weather gets better. Plus, it is not a forever decision. I can always go back to CrossFit.

But I do believe it is time for something new.

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