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CrossFit Lessons

CrossFit Lessons, here are a few quick lessons I’ve learned from attending and observing CrossFit class. I’m only listing a few now because I want to continue this later, with a different post. And I only want to list lessons that refer to the CrossFit newbie.

The featured photo (above) is me when I was probably only 3 months into CrossFit.

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Probably a year & a half in

CrossFit Lessons

Listen to and trust your coach: this is the most important thing I can tell any newcomer. This is something I have no problem with whatsoever but I’ve seen others (mainly men) who always have something to say back to the coach when the coach is instructing them. It is mainly the new folks who turn up at CrossFit. And when I say they want to say something back, I don’t mean they are rude or anything, I think it is probably more nervous anxiety talk or something. But just listen, watch, observe, ask questions but there is no need to explain why you are doing it that way or how you’ve been taught before. It’s okay, just correct it now and listen. And most of all, trust the coach. They know what they are doing. And it is my experience that they know what I can do more than I do and they know it before I know it. They have more confidence in me than I do. I’ve learned to trust them. They are normally right.

Show up on time: In fact, I encourage you to show up 15 to 20 minutes early to get a pre-warm-up done. I need to get there early in order to get my joints loosened up before the warm up. I like doing hip circles (thank you Joe Martin for those), knee circles, ankles circles, and some sort of flexibility with my shoulders. But you’ll get a warm up too, from the coach. I’ve discovered I need a warm up BEFORE the warm up. Ha!

Start small and low: What I mean by that is don’t think you have to go in and start at the prescribed (Rx) workout the first day or right away. Do not be ashamed to scale it down in the beginning. Take your time to work up to that and save yourself from injury. I have seen way too many macho people (mainly men) who come in and try to do the Rx WOD or add way too much weight when they are not ready and they end up hurting themselves. That is unless the coach tells you to go up in weight. Make sure you have form/technique down before piling on the 45lb plates. Simply check your ego at the door. It will be welcomed back with open arms, later. 😉

If you can do those three things in the very beginning, as a newcomer, you will be off to a great start.

These may seem like simple and basic obvious suggestions but you’d be surprised how many people do not take these to heart.

  1. Listen to your coach.
  2. Show up on time.
  3. Check your ego at the door.

See you at the box!

Ciao Mio Amore,

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