CrossFit and My Mood

CrossFit, Emotional and Mental well-being

It’s been two weeks since I’ve been to CrossFit and I can tell! So can everyone around me. I am all sour-faced and down in the dumps. My tolerance level is way low and I don’t know how much longer I can hold back from either 1.) telling people exactly what I think of them, or 2.) ripping people’s ears off the side of their head and stuffing them up their noses.

CrossFit, Emotional and Mental well-being

Yes, I need CrossFit. So, bad shoulder or not, I will get myself back on schedule and back in the box. I’ve been trying to let my shoulder heal up. I have no earthly idea what I’ve done to it. I didn’t injure it while at CrossFit. I simply woke up one morning and there it was, my shoulder all out of sorts. Both of my shoulders have bothered me off and on over the years. And I know from an MRI, years ago, that I have some arthritis all up in my shoulders.

But, I think once I get back to CrossFit, do some stretching, strength building, my shoulders will be fine. Not overdoing it will be my only obstacle. Because I know once I get in there and start to feel “good” that I will want to go all out with it. I will have to force myself to take it easy and that will drive me insane.

At any rate, it’s back to CrossFit. I need it not just for physical reasons but for mental and emotional reasons too. My coworkers, friends, and family will feel better as well. 😉

I also need to get back to it soon because my Pringles addiction is getting the best of me these days.

What about you? What makes you feel better and brings you up out of the dumps?

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!

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