CrossFit WOD Reflection 03.24.15

CrossFit Muscle Ups

Today was a lot of conditioning with some practice and instruction on a Bar Muscle Up. I have never attempted a Muscle Up before. But doing it from the kids pull-up bar this morning was awesome!

The rest of the workout was 60 Ring Rows, 50 Box Jumps (18″), and 40 Burpees (FOR TIME) and then followed immediately by a 4 Minute AMRAP of Muscle Ups – or in my case – Muscle Up from the kids pull-up bar. And when I say kids pull-up bar, I mean little little little kids pull-up bar.

CrossFit Muscle Ups

The pull-up bar was adjusted for me at chest level. I jump and push myself up on the bar. It was really kinda cool and exhilarating. Yes, I am easily amused and impressed.

Oh, so I did the conditioning part in 11:56 minutes.


Normally there are several people at the 0530 class at CrossFit Impulse. Today, we had two. It was kind of weird but also kind of nice. I got extra one-to-one instruction on the kipping pull-up.

I had a whole lot of area to do my workout – I spread the Burpees around that CrossFit floor this morning. When I got winded, I would stop, walk a few steps and then drop down for a Burpee and just kept doing that until I completed the workout, instead of standing in one spot.

Anyway, it was a great workout. I felt fantastic the rest of the day. I sure do love me some CrossFit and I still think that is hilarious considering I refused to try it for about a year and was very fearful of it for a long time.

I am so ready to take my CrossFit efforts to the next level. I’ve started (again) to eat healthy and somewhat clean. Also, I have started taking supplements from Absolute Nutrition. I am excited to see how this whole thing pans out. I’ll keep you posted.

Next year, I turn 50-years old and I have never ever in my entire life felt better than I do right now.

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!


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