CVS and Their Health

Excuse me while I gripe for a minute. I haven’t done a gripe post in a very long time, so here is my lame gripe post about CVS. And this is my cranky Carol face……

Cranky Carol face
Cranky Carol face

I see those commercials about how CVS is no longer selling tobacco products and it just chaps my bee-hind. They say they care about your health and want you to quit smoking, so they are helping by not selling cigarettes. I quit smoking in January 2014 and so far so good. But I don’t want it forced upon me.

Granted, I am thankful (even when I was smoking) that a lot of establishments went with smoke-free environments and that the workforce no longer allowed smoking indoors. Yes, even when I did smoke, I was grateful for that much.

And why is it that CVS still sells soda, sweets, and junk food? If they are serious about forcing good healthy living onto everyone, then they need to stop selling a lot more than cigarettes.


It is certainly CVS’s prerogative to sell whatever they want, or not sell whatever they want but their commercial is condescending and insulting. Just stop selling cigarettes and don’t brag about it. Not when you are still selling a ton of sugary crap.

I won’t step foot in a CVS anymore. Not that I shopped their much to begin with but I’ll take it on over to the Walgreens from now on.

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!

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