Dallas Bound Today

Y’all say a prayer for me today. I am Dallas-bound for some training with Jo Malone London. I’m living out loud and getting on a plane with no masks, no hazmat suit, or anti-bacterial wipes. I’m just gonna go for it.


I’ll be back on Friday. I’m not really that worried about the Ebola. I am more terrified of the actual plane ride. I hate flying. It scares me to death. It’s the whole taking-off, being high-up in the air in a tube with no control, and the landing that makes me all fearful and panicky.

But I keep telling myself that people fly every single day, all the time. People tell me that I am probably safer in a plane than in a car. That does not ease my anxiety at all by the way. I wish it did. So, I’ll go and get on the plane, white knuckle the ride and try to breathe normally. Ugh!

The hotel where I am staying, the W Dallas Victory hotel, is what will keep me from losing my mind. I’ll just keep thinking about the swanky reservation that is waiting for me in Dallas. It is also where my Jo Malone London Training will be held; so there is no need for me to leave the hotel once I arrive.

w dallas

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