A Day Trip to Cullman, Alabama

I have lived in Huntsville, Alabama since 1991 so it makes sense that I have certainly heard of Cullman, Alabama and have even visited there a time or two. I knew they had a cute little downtown area with lots of boutiques and eateries.

Today, my friend CJ and I went for a little day trip to Cullman, Alabama. We knew we were playing with fire about going on a Monday. For whatever reason, a lot of shops like to shut down or stay closed on Mondays. We took our chances and went anyway.

And while, yes, most of the quaint little boutiques were closed, we were able to find some shops open. Our first stop was at Vintage West located on First Street.

Vintage West, Cullman, Alabama

Vintage West is a unique collection of home decor and they are an Interior Design Service as well. The lovely lady who was working chatted us up about Cullman and when we asked where a great place to eat was she quickly named Lombardos Italian Restaurant. She had me at Italian.

Vintage West is in the current issue of Alabama Magazine.

Lombardo’s Italian Pasta Bar. I knew right away I was going off my new lifestyle healthy eating and that it would be well-worth it and I would have absolutely no regrets. I love Italian food. In fact, I love anything Italian. People who know me know that I would love to live there and become an Italian! Ha!

If you are not from Cullman, Alabama it may be hard to find Lombardo’s or you may not even know it was there. It is tucked away inside a large building off of First Street.

Upon entering the building where Lombardo’s is located within, you’ll see this beautiful view and staircase. Go to the right of the staircase and Lombardo’s is there.

Lombardo's Italian Pasta Bar Cullman Alabama

Lombardo's Italian Pasta Bar Cullman Alabama

Lombardo's Italian Pasta Bar Cullman Alabama

Lombardo's Italian Pasta Bar Cullman Alabama

Three generations of Lombardos; Lorie, Tiffany, Patti and her husband Russell. All very lovely and charming. They made us feel right at home and treated us like family. Patty even hugged my neck when we left. I wanted to tear up! I will be going back to Lombardo’s Italian Pasta Bar!

Lombardo's Italian Pasta Bar Cullman Alabama

We walked around and visited the shops that were open, discovered some roaming cats (reminded me of being in Greece), and decided we needed to come back again on another weekday when everything was open.

Oh! And we also visited Berkeley Bob’s Coffee House! A cool hangout for the hippies. 😉 – a return to the 60’s is their tagline. Berkeley Bob’s is also located on First Street.

Berkeley Bob's Coffee House Cullman Alabama

For a Monday afternoon, this place was happening!

Please enjoy the photo gallery of Cullman, Alabama. Click on any photo for a larger view.

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!


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